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Greetings, all!

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Hi there! 


Not sure exactly how I found this group, but I'm ever so glad I did.  I've spent the last week or so poking about the site and, at every turn, I find something new to like!  Fantastic!


As for me, I've always enjoyed gaming of all sorts and theatre, especially improv.  RPing in MMOs gives me the opportunity to combine them.  Definitely a win in my book!


It's funny -- when I first started EQ (my first MMO), I didn't start with the intention of "roleplaying".  I just needed a way to justify to myself why my character found herself where she did at the beginning of the game.  She was on a beach at night underneath a boardwalk.  Since it wasn't really ever explained (she literally just popped up there), trying to figure out why added a wonderful dimension to playing, one that I've used in so many games ever since (even in many single-player games).


Anyway, I'm looking forward to creating and living XIV stories with all of you, here and in game.  I'll be spending the next few weeks trying to understand lore as well as fleshing out who my character(s) will be and how they will fit into the world.


Thanks for letting me join you!

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Your name is soooo cute, it just makes me grin for some reason :3. Welcome! I'll go ahead and echo everyone's sentiments of, "You need help? We're on it!" and add a few specifics in case you haven't already tipped over them yourself. There's a pretty nice 1.0 lore sum up from Merri and a how-to post with some other helpful links sprinkled in there as well. Glad to have you aboard~

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