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The re:Introduction of Styrnacht Kestransyn


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Greetings Members of the RPC!


Before the calamity, my character went by the name of Sterne Evans. In light of the events that followed 1.0, and the release of proper naming conventions, Sterne's Name has (by display) been changed to Styrnacht Kestransyn.


Before you scream and say "But that's a Roegadyn Name!" I'm going to say "Yes, you are correct."


For those of you who interacted with him before, you know that Sterne was raised by a Roegadyn, and in a Roegadyn family. The details of his childhood are available in a story I've written, but an important point of why he changed his name to one with a much stronger Midlander sound "Sterne Evans" is quickly apparent; to say he didn't 'fit in' would be an understatement.


And now he's returning to Eorzea. And while you may see Styrnacht Kestransyn running around, to everyone he introduces himself to, he is still known as Sterne Evans.


His initial goal in his return to Eorzea will be revealed in a post about the return of Sanctus Refero.


Stay tuned!

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