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Greetings u v u)/


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Admittedly, I'm a bit nervous getting back into MMO RP after some seriously bad experiences from my years of WoW, I'm hoping XIV changes that. 


You're all welcome to call me Rei, or any other given name you so choose. I am an artist full time, and my art is being used for my icon. I'm not certain I'll post my work here, but we'll see!


I played WoW since release, and only just quit about 7 months ago. Tera was played from Beta to the F2P announcement. GW2 was perhaps for only a few days.. and now finally FFXIV. 


I play MMOs based solely on the fact that they have RP; And all of the above have, from my experience, fading/dying RP communities!


I was in love with FFX and the summoner announcement for XIV caught my attention, and despite my no longer lingering desire for a summoner, I have loved the game from what I've played of the Beta. 


I hope to befriend many people and get back into the RP community. u v u!

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Welcome to the RPC, Rei! We're glad to have you and I think I can speak for quite a few people when I say that we've all had a few bad experiences here and there with other RP'ers, so you're definitely not the only one there.


That aside, here's hoping our community can provide all the RP you're looking for and then some. :) People are quite helpful and open here, to say the least.


Also, that's a pretty smooth piece of art you have as an avatar. :D

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Hello Rei, welcome to our humble forums. Everyone here is amazing and everyone I have RP'd have been amazing as well so I hope that gives you uh... hope for role playing in FFXIV. I sincerely hope you have a enjoyable experience on the forums and in game.

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; v ; )/ Thankyou, I'm noticing the people here seem pretty nice and accepting despite varying opinions. I'm desperately hoping to find an active group of RPers here/in game, and this forum def seems to supply it. 


Everyone here seems very nice and welcoming so far! I hope to meet people here and find them in game too.

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I think I saw you in the Skype chat, but please allow me to welcome you and say hello here, too. I think there are a few of us here that have had bad RP experiences, so hopefully you won't have to worry about that too much. Welcome to the RPC, Reibees. I hope your stay here is long and enjoyable.

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Hello and welcome~! Lovely art in your icon, it's beautiful! I empathize with the plague of fading/dying RP communities - I bumped into that in WoW a lot despite their RP only servers, couldn't really find a niche. But this community is pretty rockin' so I hope you enjoy your stay here C: If you've got any questions about anything or are looking for character feedback, feel free to ask on the forums! I hope to see you in game C:

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Hey, hey~ We've been here for... quite a while and we don't plan on stopping any time soon, so if you stick around, too, you won't likely have to worry about dying communities :). In other veins of helpfulness~ We've got a pretty good 1.0 lore sum up over here if you need a quick-ish catch up, and a how-to write up with some other important links ooover here! Welcome to the RPC!

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Hey Rei and welcome!

I can totally empathize with you regarding the weariness in running into fading/dying/dead or just... uninspiring RP and RP communities. Really sucks the life out of you when you spend time bringing a character to life in your mind and then...

.... nothing.


So far, everyone here has been awesome and I have great hopes of an awesome IG experience. The community seems mature and even when we disagree, it seems to be handled well.


I look forward to meeting your IG... and hopefully getting into some spectacular RP with ya! ;-)



(BTW, your artwork is beautiful. Really, really incredible and full of emotion. I hope you get your wrist fixed soon and can resume doing what you love so much... and treating us to the results! :D)

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