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A Giant Sea-Wolf "Hello"

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Hey, all!


I'm a longtime Final Fantasy player (I've made it through all the numbered titles, plus a few others, minus anything online up to now) and a newcomer to the MMORPG/RP world. However, I can already tell that this place is going to feel like home pretty quick, and that I might be involved at some level for years to come. I might pick up some good friends along the way, too!


My interest in FFXIV is actually pretty recent. During most of 1.0's run I was buried deep in college work and didn't have more than an hour or two a week for games. The critical and general response to XIV certainly didn't convince me that I needed to find time. However, my graduation last year opened up a little more free time on my end. Enter promotions for FFXIV: ARR, and then giveaways for beta codes. I got on Ultros for the final weekend of phase 3 and had a blast for 3 days. I logged close to 30 hours, which is unheard of for me in a 3-day period. So, I started looking for a home. The quirkiness and tight-knit nature of the RP servers caught my eye, and I figured, heck, I might as well join in the fun!


A little about me:



I'm a competitive swimmer, at the almost-but-not-quite-Michael-Phelps level. I finished undergraduate studies in 2012 and have yet to submit an application for grad school. This is so that I can focus more on swimming leading up to the 2016 Olympics. Here's the paradox: as I get older, my body can't handle as much time in the swimming pool. So on top of having 7-10 hours extra time a day not studying, I'm also spending upwards of an hour less time training as a swimmer. I have picked up some part-time jobs to fill in the voids, but that still leaves a large window open for...something. Like this.


So here I am, new to the scene, but very excited and eager to make new friends (both IC and OOC) and to make the most out of a game I'm likely going to dump hundreds of hours (and dollars...:dodgy: ) into.


In person, I'm fairly quiet and reserved, but I will have many a moment where I can't stop talking about something. Like right now. So you can expect sporadically prolific additions to Syggfryd's saga during the ebb and flow of his adventures (yes, he'll be one of those adventurers:P). I'm a big fan of lore, and I'll get really absorbed in the backgrounds of richer Final Fantasy games - particularly ones that take place in Ivalice - as well as in general mythology, both historical and otherwise - a la J.R.R. Tolkien. Also became a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire and blasted through those books in a month or two (you can expect me to disappear temporarily when book 6 hits the shelves).




Am I missing anything? Ah, yes, Syggfryd! I'll introduce him!



Syggfryd Eyriwilfsyn is a young Sea Wolf clansman who has just recently come of age. Born to a fisherman and an elder's daughter, Syggfryd spent his childhood on the coast outside the walls of Sharlayan. Soon after the disaster at the nearby Silvertear Lake, his village saw major changes. Once a society led by proud and honorable warriors, the displaced Nebbidorpfers took to a new culture: one of pillaging and plundering up and down Strait of Merlthor and into the Indigo Deep.


The son of a fisherman (and of a pacifist mother), Syggfryd never imagined he would need join the ranks of the pirate crew aboard the Blanundskyf, since he was needed to continue his father's business. However, the town elders saw things differently, as he exhibited exceptional athletic ability. With barely enough time to comprehend how drastically his fate was changing around him, Syggfryd found himself sailing down the Strait to Limsa Lominsa, about to begin his training as a Marauder.

As Syggeim, Syggfryd's mother, said her farewells to her son, she noted his uncharacteristically giddy apprehension. She failed to grasp how he could be taking his future so optimistically. After all, what excitement could there possibly be in stealing from others, unbidden and by means of unwelcome violence?


And so his adventure began.




And that's all I have for the evening! I look forward to getting to know you guys as time goes along.

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I'm afraid to say he will never be particularly happy and giddy as a marauder, and that his mother's suspicion was spot-on in that regard. However, I can attest that he is eager for something. The rest will have to wait until launch, as many pieces of the puzzle will come into play only when he's set foot in Limsa Lominsa.

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