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Any interest in a Lalefell family?

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Not sure if any have been made but I'm just wondering if anyone is interested. Last names don't even have to match here from what the lore says. My guy will be a Plainsfolk so if there are any others out there who wouldn't mind a seldom seen brother/uncle, let me know and hopefully something can be arranged.

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My character has a whole clan of currently missing people you or any other Lalafell can use as part of the background. If you are interested you can read more about the clan in my signature link. I will be playing Dunesfolk, so I am not sure how that could work if you're going with Plainsfolk, but check it out anyway and see what you think!

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Good point about the server. I do plan on being on Balmung for the moment. I hope your able to find some kin on Gilgamesh (I assume) sciencerob.


I also don't think plainsfolk and dunesfolk can be related... can they? They could have close family ties but that could be between any race then. If that's case, any one interested in a surrogate brother/cousin/uncle? :D

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