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making a game

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in my precious spare time, I'm going to be making a 16 bit role-playing game, using a wsiwyg creator (my graphical skills are not the greatest)


however, I am opening up the floor for character/npc ideas to forever be immortalized within it. I'll post up details of the game universe soon, but just wondering if anyone would be interested in submitting anything for inclusion?



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okies for anyone interested the world is as follows:

  • High Fantasy setting, so magic, dragons etc
  • The Kingdoms (two on the mainland, one on each larger island) are at an uneasy truce after dealing with an elemental incursion, and each has an eye on the other's borders.
  • The Primary Protagonists are from the Kingdom in the Southern mainland, which is typically rich verdant farmland, with the grand forest, and the Mountain Shield seperating it from the northern kingdom.
  • The Northern Kingdom is mountainous, and full of rough ground. with little good farming land. The Eastern Island is your typical island nation, whereas the northern island is mainly forest, with a single mountain in the middle.
  • Races found: PC's Elves, Dwarves and Humans, potentially others, will see how it goes. NPC's: Typical fantasy creatures (Dragons, Satyr, Merfolk etc.)

don't want to go into too much detail yet, still fleshing it out, but if it sounds interesting enough to you, give me a shout :D.

I've been working on my own game too. But I use RPG Maker VX Ace. Really superb engine.

funnily enough, its the engine I'm using :D

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