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  1. The Watcher's Talong Clan is a med-heavy RP Free Company on Balmung. We are a traditional Keeper of the Moon Clan, but will welcome non-keepers all the same if the character is willing to learn the clan ways and traditions. We have a medium house in the Lavender Beds of the Twelveswood called The Owl's Nest but IC, the den is in the south shroud. Neutral to Good themes allowed for player characters so there's plenty of options open for RP. We will have monthly ceremonies based upon the characteristics of the twelve. "Lore Friendly" is something we are priding ourselves on and adhering to the lore to the best of our abilities. Alt Friendly as long as your main is in the FC and you are active. Active and helpful officer Max Rank thus can offer buffs Friendly, welcoming environment to all players new and old and LGBTQ+ friendly! We have a medium house in lavender beds. No Drama Tolerance OOC. Obey the FC Rules and respect your fellow members. We have a discord Right now, we are a small FC as we are "new" in that the FC was put on the back burner years ago while the members were merged with another FC. Now it has been rebuilt but we need active members. Based in US EST Timezone, but all are welcome. Leader: Ana'il Elune Officers: Kailia Greenheart, Colmillo Santo, Freya Thorne, Rurudoa Jojodoa https://watcherstalonclan.carrd.co/ Contact in game: One of the officers listed above, or use the FC Finder, we are listed in there and put in an in game ap.
  2. This linkshell still out there? I am looking for a linkshell to join that will hook me up with other RPers
  3. My character recently ICly arrived in Kugane, she's seeking a shinobi to take her as a student. She'd been training most all her life in stealth and use of daggers, even learned to use aetherical runes to augment her dagger fighting with unique elemental attacks. But she's realized recently, she's not fast enough and with no master to train her, her training has stagnated and she is unable to progress her skills on her own. I am looking for a long term RP. She's young, but she's got spirit. No relationship beyond student/teacher. I love the FC I am in, and no way am I ever leaving them. If interested, message me in game. I rarely come to this site. My char name in game is Kailia Greenheart.
  4. So thought I'd put this out there, but quite often my char is out exploring the shroud on her own or even making visits to Gridania. So if folks spend a lot of time around there, they are welcome to RP with me because when I am RPing, I wear the roleplay tag. Now that being said, my char is in need of an education. She learned "outsider" words from her Vadajiit (In her clan language, that means master), but she has no idea the translation of the word master to eorzean. She also only knows how to count only to around 20 and she doesn't know how to read or write (she usually has someone read to her). So if your character teaches youngsters, they are welcome to teach Kailia.
  5. Small update to the clan events tab, I had misslabeled a few of the dates, and corrected them.
  6. Just thought I'd add some clarity. The clan is seeking to improve relations with Gridania, not looking for a wailer themed FC to war with.
  7. The Morbolvine Clan sits at the heart of the shroud, and the clan's history has a lot of bad blood between the clan and the wailers. One thing I'd like for our clan is to get together with a wood wailer themed FC, and arrange some cross-fc rp. Feel free to contact Kailia Molkot in game usually in the evenings around 5pm PST is when I am most active.
  8. Will be updating this thread sometime soon with more details
  9. http://styles.guildlaunch.net.s3.amazonaws.com/0/0/2/2/502200/QPCfhq7.png[/img] [align=center] --- Introduction ---[/align] [align=center]In the deepest shadows of the miqo'te heart stirs a longing for the clannish. The culture and tradition... the path and the purpose. Since the yesteryears of our ancestry, trailing herds of wild beasts across the frozen ice swathed in furs and steeped in the old ways; our people have known what it is to move and act as one. Some have forgotten the path. Been born outside of it or torn from it by conflict and calamity. Whatever the case may be, all is not lost...[/align] [align=center]For those that would seek their roots and to fill that longing, there is a drumbeat within the heart that guides them to a vine-swathed manor nestled at the far end of the Lavender Beds. It is here the tribal totem of the Morbol beckons... join us.[/align] [align=center] --- Purpose ---[/align] [align=center]Morbolvine Clan is a heavy RP guild seeking Miqo'te Keepers who are interested in adopting tribalistic, clan-based culture and lifestyle. Our mission is to preserve the Shroud and keep our way of life strong in an ever advancing world. Style-wise, we are a bit “slice-of-life” RP with over arcing story lines, GMed events, monthly religious observances, allied FC event attendance/interactions and more![/align] [align=center]--- Availability --- [/align] [align=center]Our group is multinational with some members from EU/AUS as well as members from across the states with various time lines of availability. We are most active after 5-6pm PST and remain so until 12-3am PST, though there can be members on before/after those times as well. We also have active alliances with other guilds to provide additional RP contact outside of CLAN once established.[/align] [align=center]--- Ideal Membership --- [/align] [align=center]We prefer to take on Keepers, as this is a very traditional miqo'te clan. However, this doesn't mean we won't consider exceptional outsiders who have useful skills as employees for Morbolvine. For the sake of being transparent for those considering this path, it is worth noting such individuals may potentially be excluded from some traditional observances by the clan. Beyond this, we are very welcoming and involving.[/align] [align=center]We are experienced in creating RP for players both seasoned and inexperienced. New to RP and being a Keeper? No problem! We are here to help provide you with an amazing RP experience if you are willing to embrace it.[/align] [align=center]--- Basic Rules ---[/align] [align=center]Standard expectations of respect and professionalism in RP are to be followed. IC is IC, do not take RP personally and so on. We expect for there to be consequences for actions and for characters to acknowledge punishments for wrong-doings. Good conduct ICly and OCly is preferred to maintain a positive reputation for our FC within the community. Our officers are always open, available and willing to work with members through any questions and concerns, but are not against the removal of persons with repeat or singular severe infractions of these basic Golden Rule tenets. We are passionate about our guild and the wonderful, helpful group of people we have within it. So please do unto others as you would have them do unto you.[/align] [align=center]Our RP is creative, but always tries to flow reasonably and respectfully with lore. We are not looking for characters that blur the lines of acceptable “lore bending” too heavily. If you are concerned that your character may not mesh in this regard, please confer with officers prior to any official introduction RP so we can assure you one way or the other. IC rules are listed on our clan website. Members are asked to keep IC journals to help maintain some understanding of what is going on within the clan's RP. [/align] [align=center]--- Taking the Plunge ---[/align] [align=center]ICly, we do not hide our existence. Any who would seek a traditional keeper clan might have heard of our existence and learn where to go to seek us out. If you would prefer a more focused RP introduction for whatever reason, you can contact our officers in-game to see about setting up the scenario. We are always happy to make meaningful and RPable allied connections with individuals or groups as well.[/align] Officers: Kailia Molkot (Matron), Zola Bhakhiri (Clan Priestess), Riella Blackthorne (Clan Advisor) Website: http://morbolvine.gamerlaunch.com/ [align=center]Thank you for your consideration and we hope to hear from you soon! ~ Zola/Sinjhi'ra[/align]
  10. well if your character spends any time in the shroud, look for Kailia Mewrilah. Chances are he could find that little druid girl roaming about . As for FC, currently the only one I could suggest is the one I am in, as I don't have experience with many FC's. But despite being a miqo'te FC, Morbolvine Clan does have a few non-miqo'te as employee's.
  11. Reading this thread, I think it is safe to say it isn't the players causing the server to always be locked. Nor is it SE's fault. The fault lies completely on the RMT people. They set up a system that absolutely hammers the character creation to get 50-100 bots created in 1 sitting. Ideally, if SE and we as a community can come up with a way to permanently block access to the game by RMT, we'd see the restrictions grow far far more lax. But there in lies the problem. These same RMT's, they love using every internet trick they can think of, to mask their IP, or just outright change their IP. Blocking regions, would only harm innocent people. There is something that SE could do though. Make the people creating the characters, prove they are human. Add some sort of security measure in the character creation screen that requires input of a code or something. Because the way bots are made right now, with how fast they are made, and the exact timing, chances are the entire system the RMT are using, are automated to randomize character look, pick the same namesday, same guardian, same class, and input random gobblygook for names and create the character. But, if the naming process required a unique code for each person creating a character, the automated system would be screwed, leaving the window open for legitimate players to make their alts/new characters. Might be something to propose to SE.
  12. As the title says, my character Akayuki Tsutanaiyari, is seeking an armourer to restore and refit some sixth astral era drachen armor she found in coerthas western highlands. So if you play such a character, feel free to send me a tell in game.
  13. I roleplay a 15 year old au ra. She's right now in Ishgard IC though. But she will be making frequent trips home to her adopted mothers place in lavender beds. She passes through Gridania when going home. Her name is Akayuki Tsutanaiyari. Feel free to shoot me a tell sometime.
  14. So I have a little au ra I created, she's right now, becoming my most played character. Really enjoying her. That being said, there's 2 types of contacts I'd enjoy getting for her. This is her: Her Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Akayuki_Tsutanaiyari 1) A Dragoon teacher. I used to know a few IC Dragoons, but they have since left the game. I think it could be an interesting dynamic for her to become a dragoon, especially with new lore on soul stones that can be made. So if there's any IC Dragoons that would be interested in training young Akayuki, look me up on her. 2) Potential family. Right now, she's orphaned. She only knew her grandparents and watched them be killed by the Garleans when they attacked Doma. So would be interesting to get her some form of family that isn't work associates. I basically want to broaden my IC Interactions. Right now, I've only ever RP'ed with my FC. I'd love to meet new folks
  15. So I got lucky. When the entire server 90k'ed I quickly loaded my benchmarch char into char creation and lo and behold Balmung was opened! I got my alt Now the only thing frustrating is error 2002 and the "You are 91 in queue" and refreshes that same number for 30 mins or more till it finally loads in.
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