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  1. Hearth and Home is Manor themed, good aligned rp, with Miune Steadhal as it's owner, Miune employs various types of people In the eyes of the public, Miune commands Knights, mercenaries, anyone that's willing to gather to his banner to help those less fortunate. Miune also Hires on Maids, Butlers, and general servants to maintain the manor as well as handle other things. Hearth and Home Is a generally good-aligned FC. Looking to aid others in need, as well as each other. the big take away from hearth and home is that we are a family. New to rping or experienced
  2. Just a little update! First and for-most we've changed our name to Hearth and Home to better reflect on what we have become! the guild has seen a large influx of close knit people that have joined the family, weekly events are underway now, with a discord chat helping us communicate and set up rp events and ideas.
  3. Hello everyone thank you for the replies, please find Miune or M'irina in game, or send me a pm here I'll do my best to keep ontop of things around here this time!. I apologize to those that I have not gotten in contact with yet, if any of you are still interested we have opened our doors again after a brief hiatus from the game. we rp daily with some of us being on lot's during weekends. likewise with more people joining we're going to be starting to plan events and the like, ideas/feedback is welcome!
  4. Hello! First time posting a Guild to the Role play community Hearth and Home is somewhat a mixture of A FC. Currently, a Manor themed rp, with Miune Steadhal as it's owner, Miune employs various types of people. In the eyes of the public, Miune commands Knights, mercenaries, even adventurers that gather to his banner. If the job requires a special touch, the shadows come alive with assassins and the like. Miune also Hires on Maids, Butlers, and general servants to maintain the manor as well as handle other things. Hearth and Home Is a generally good-aligned FC. L
  5. My character's name is Miune Steadhal, as for her's she's not quite sure yet which will be her main. as soon as she decides i'll post it here. thanks for all the friendly info we'll both be on tonight and i'll do my best to message and get in contact with all of you, thank you again!
  6. Thanks for the reply! my friend and I are currently making our transfers right now. so we hope to see all of you online. if anyone has any contact information so we can get our foot in the door I would greatly appreciate it!
  7. Hello everyone, not sure if this Is the proper place to post but I was referred here by a friend.basically another friend and I are looking to get off of Balmung and join another slightly less crowded RP server to make friends, either join a FC or create one and become apart of the community. Our big issue is there's no housing available over here on balmung, so were hoping to buy a house on Mateus. can anyone tell me if there is housing available? Secondly balmung is rather clicky with rpers already heavily invested in circles which has made it impossible for the friend and I to fi
  8. Hello everyone, wasn't sure if I should Necro my very old post about looking for a companion/rp partner or if I should simply make a new post considering he's changed a bit. either way after about a year hiatus I've decided to start fresh, come back and try my luck finding rp once again. I'm looking for something consistent and more long term, as well as possibly leveling and rping through the MSQ and dungeons, if any of this interests you please fee free to contact me. as I'm sure many are I'm a rather shy individual so if you see me in game feel free to walk up and rp, pm me in game or
  9. Snow, again... It seemed like every time he returned home it was snowing. Here where the divines had cut their losses and retreated, having lost the battle to the snow and the ever growing gloomy landscape. Even now as the snow danced in tune to the wind the cold could give comfort. The waltz of the snowflake, ever speeding downward on it's dissent to the earth below would have it's dance cut short by a curious ear, furred and twitching lightly as if feeling sorrow for the interruption. The ear turned slightly although It would catch nothing more then the deafening blanket of a whi
  10. Hello everyone, A friend and myself have recently returned from a year hiatus and are looking for a RP oriented FC, one where we can really get into the story as well make new friends and is open to new joiners, preferably one without major clicks already established.
  11. Kyomi and myself will come! so that's two more! thank's sal for pointing us here
  12. This map is all wrong. How long ago had this worn piece of paper been written? ten years? twenty? by the divines it would have been easier to pick a direction and just walk. A sigh quickly escaped the young man holding the paper. rubbing the back of his head with an armored hand catching a bit of hair in between the plates only adding to his irritation. would he ever get used to the heavy plate? perhaps not, after all most knights had started wearing the stuff before they could reach the top of a chocobo. Yet somehow he had found himself in his own set. the suit had seen better days, c
  13. thanks again everyone i have a question. is there a channel that people connect to so they can start rping? i see alot of people standing around and wondering if they have a special channel they are on and if its free to join for everyone. oh and if you see me online, please feel free to send me a tell i've got no problem dropping what i'm doing to rp with all you wonderful folks otherwise i'll do my best to find you all! EDIT: I posted a beginner story of sorts in town square. have a read if you'd like, let me know what you think!
  14. Wow thanks everyone for the reach out! i'll be sure to reply to each of you tonight when I have more time. (work is boring haha) I just wanted to thank everyone who's written something already. so thanks again!
  15. a little update. two other friends and myself moved to balmung as of today. we're looking for a home with rp if anyone can give some suggestions or anything of that nature I'd appreciate it. I'm also looking for a rping leveling companion. I've left a little post on making connections, but i'm not quite sure if I did it right, or am interesting enough to catch people's attention. anyways thank you all for taking the time to help me, I really appreciate it.
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