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All Aboard! [open to all]

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Open to anyone looking to get a character from Ul'dah to Limsa before launch without paying obscene ferry prices! Note: Once this thread reaches the point where the ship has arrived in Limsa, it'll be available the other direction should there be interest.



As the sun began to set over the hills and mountains of Western Thanalan the light filtered through the sails and rigging of the Phoenix Flame, anchored within sights of Crescent Cove. From the docks, the silhouettes of various crew members could be seen on deck milling about performing various sundry tasks. After a few moments, a small dinghy was lowered over the side containing two figures. Once settled in the water, the larger of the two took up the oars and began the trip towards the docks.


Upon reaching the docks, the smaller of the two - a flame-haired Miq'ote in leather pantaloons and a loose fitting cloth shirt - hopped nimbly onto the pier and roped the vessel to a bollard. Once secured, the other figure stepped onto the dock; a well-built Roegadyn woman with short-cut silver hair and worn, grey skin. She reached back into the dinghy and pulled out a sturdy looking sign, passing it to the Miq'ote. Together, they made their way off the docks and picked out a well shaded spot. Swinging out a support from the back of the sign, the Roegadyn set it in a visible spot so the message could be ready by as many passers-by as possible. The sign read "PASSAGE TO LIMSA LOMINSA. ASK FOR PRICING. LESS THAN 50,000 GIL THOUGH. PROMISE." Glancing over the wording, she rolled her eyes and sighed deeply.


"I don't know why we let Felix write the sign, I really don't. We may as well add on 'Not a con, for real'. How are we going to find takers with this sodding thing?" Her companion gave a sympathetic smile.


"I know, Aggy. But he worked so hard on it, it woulda broke his heart to not use it. It'll all be fine, you'll see. 'sides, that's why we're the ones out here. We look all cute, unassuming and approachable-like." She gave a goofy-looking grin and winked. "C'mon, let's get to work." She turned and started calling our towards the busy walkways. "Passage to Limsa Lominsa, leaving at midnight! Any offer considered! Don't pay outrageous prices for that 'official' ferry when you can sail with us!"

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A one-eyed Elezen wearing a long, ragged coat made his way hesitantly along the docks. He turned his head and twitched his ears as he weaved through the evening bustle, trying to keep as much distance from the ever-flowing crowd as possible. He paused mid-step, shifted his pack on his shoulder, mumbled to himself that he was probably making a huge mistake, shook his head and began again.


The causeways rang with hawkers advertising their wares, from goods to fish to safe passage. He had no interest in the first, despised the second, and with each shout for the third his hopes dimmed a little more. He wasn't quite broke, but doing what amounted to charity for five years did not leave one swimming in gil.


And, really, 50,000 for a damned ferry ride? Did everyone strike it rich after the Calamity and no one told him?


"Passage to Limsa Lominsa, leaving at midnight! Any offer considered! Don't pay outrageous prices for that 'official' ferry when you can sail with us!"


His ears perked, singling out the voice in the din. That was the best offer he'd heard all evening - rather depressing, given how vague it was, but he'd take what he could get. His eyes fell upon two women, a bright-haired Miqo'te, shouting and waving out into the crowd next to a dark Roegadyn. He slowly made his way forward.


"U-um... 'Scuse me," he stammered, trying to grab their attention through his nerves. They turned to him, gazes searching, and he gulped. "Will... uh, will a thousand do?"

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A short miqo'te walked through the docks, apearing for all the world to be tailless owing to the fact that it was wrapped around his torso under his shirt.


"How am I going to get to Limsa?" he quietly asked himself, "50k for a ferry ride, what to do they think everyone here is made of gil?"  Shaking his head he mutters, "Of course this is Ul'dah or close enough.  His ears perk up within his hood when he hears a shout for cheap ferry passage to Limsa Lolimsa.  Grinning to himself he heads over and barely suppresses a laugh at their sign "PASSAGE TO LIMSA LOMINSA. ASK FOR PRICING. LESS THAN 50,000 GIL THOUGH. PROMISE."  At the very least its worth a shot he thinks before heading over, and once in the shade removing his hood, speaking to the other member of what he guesses is the crew he says, "I've only got a few hundred gil to pay for passage, but I know a bit of conjury I'd be willing to lend to help pay as well."

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If Desmond's time in his father's tutelage had taught him anything, it was that whomever fired the first offer in a negotiation was at a disadvantage. The first offer was always an opportunity to gauge your opponent's position. How far were they willing to reach? How much did they think of you? And more telling, how much did they think you had to offer in return? The weapons of choice were words, the reward, gil.


He made his way closer to the two figures gesticulating towards the crowd. They offered passage to Limsa, the place where Desmond's contract would begin. He noted their nets had already caught the first catch of the day. A tall Elezen. 


'They are all tall', he thought to himself self dryly. 


He slowed his pace and took care to watch their exchange. He would employ another of his father's tenets, allow someone else to be the vanguard for your victory. As he drew closer an animated Miqo'te also approached. He stopped within hearing distance to see what he could learn about the ferrymen and their nebulous offer.

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It had been three days. Three whole days of being stranded in West Thanlan! And why was it that Faydrel Lovell found herself in such a predicament? The fact that a ferry ticket to Limsa Lominsa was currently going to cost a whopping 55,000 gil. Who in this era had that kind of coin beside those who already owned their own vessel? The official ferry owner was obviously delusional or just one greedy son of a slag to demand such a daunting amount.


The Hyur Midlander had been hanging about the docks for the entirety of the three days she had been stranded in hopes she could have stowed aboard the ferry, but not a single person had been willing to pay such an outrageous price. Shocking.


Currently Faydrel was making yet another round along the docks and listened as the local venders called out about their wares. Honestly the gil was starting to get a little low with the three days she’d already been there. Oh what she wouldn’t do to be back home in Limsa. This place was just too dry for her tastes. And teleportation just wasn’t really her thing.


It was as she passed a Miqo’te and Hyur trying to sell their catch of the day that something caught her attention. The blonde paused in her steps as she heard the holler of a promise of free passage to Limsa. “Well this just has to be good.” She snickered with a bit of sarcasm and moved her booted feet across the wooden planks and towards the shady spot of where the claims were coming from.


What it was she had found were a pair of women and a very interesting sign. As she read the sign from a small distance her pale blonde brow quirked. And how good it really was! A tug of a smirk came across her lips as she watched a pair of strapping young men approach the female Miqo’te and Roegadyn. This was some kind of obvious scam or just really poor planning on the women’s part.


Fay’s blue gaze shifted away from the small display and noted a dark-haired Hyur man nearby who appeared to also be listening in on the current conversation. With her sly smirk widening upon her face she found herself strolling closer to the lad and suddenly slapping him on the back as if he were an old friend.



"Enjoying the display?" Faydrel chimed with a small chuckle as she stood beside the young-looking lad. "10-1 odds says this is one huge con." 

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"Mmmpph.... Melle! Really! Get your behind... movin'! There won't be no ships... ugh! by the time we get there... and it's a hell-of-a-lon' swim!" Cima grunted, pushing forwards with all her might.

Her redheaded companion had stiffened into a stance of reluctant rigidity now that the docks were within view, and the Miqo'te was having a tough time getting the plank-of-a-Hyur up the sandy slope. (Humorously enough, parallel, heel-dug lines were being drawn in the wake of their stubborn struggle.)

Between Melle's lamenting protests of the sea and the busy babble of dock-talk, Cima caught a shrill sound: "Passage to Limsa Lominsa, leaving at midnight! Any offer considered!-"

A single ear flicked up as she listened... only to slap right back against her green head when she had heard enough. Abruptly, she stopped forcing the back of her friend - and had she not immediately grabbed Melle's hand to lead her to the call, the girl likely would've tipped in her board-like state directly backwards.

"Over here, Melle! Feck payin' full price to visit this lazy bastard... let's haggle!" She bounced alongside Melle excitedly, roughly jostling people aside until they came upon the group.

Falling to a stop shortly behind the cluster and releasing Melle's hand, Cima cast a side-long glance up at her partner. "We'll getcha a bucket." She proposed sympathetically before adding, "Gotta put your game face on now!" with her own best impression of said game face.

And then she offered her ears to the bids.

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The Miqo'te turned back to her partner and grinned, a look that screamed 'What did I tell you?'. She stretched her palms in front of her, fingers intertwined and began to address the inquiries.


"Right! First up, you! Timing-looking fella!" She pointed a finger at the one-eyed Elezen. "I reckon we can cut you a deal. Go wait over by Aggy there, the Cap'n oughta be by soon and you two can work out the details." She turned her attention to the short male Miqo'te, looking puzzled for a moment as she glanced him over and wasn't able to spot a tail before shaking her head, seeming to dismiss it. "As for you...the gil ain't much, but we're not exactly rolling in conjurers on board lately, so you're in. Same like I told the other one, go back to Aggy and wait for the Cap'n." She indicated behind her with a thumb over her shoulder before turning to the rest of the crowd.


"As for the rest of ya, don't be shy! What about you, greenie?" She hopped over to Cima and stopped in front of her, cocking her head. "You look like you're needing to get somewhere. Name's Salaah, Bos'n of the Phoenix Flame. What's yours?"


The Miqo'te's companion - the one she'd called Aggy - watched with an expression equal parts irritation and amusement as she beckoned the first two takers over to her. Before they could start to approach, a noise in the distance caught her attention...one that sounded extremely, aggravatingly familiar. She shook her head and offered up a silent prayer that it wasn't what she thought it was. Otherwise, their dear Captain would likely be joining them sooner than expected...

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Nodding Xha'li adjusted his pack shoulders then started to head towards the Roegadyn when he heard a noise that didn't fit with the bustle of the port in the distance perking up his ears and looking towards he he tried to see what the cause was.  After a few minutes of trying and failing to find the source he shrugged it off and continued towards the Roegadyn.

"So, Aggy is it?" Xha'li said with a grin as he set his well-worn, but still quite sturdy looking pack on the ground by his feet, "Nice to meet ya, name's Xha'li."  Crouching down by his pack he reached past the top half of his lance to remove his canteen before uncapping it and taking a swig.


((Something I forgot to mention initially, Xha'li is missing the tattoos on his cheek at this point.))

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The Elezen sniffed a bit before doing as told and following the tailless Miqo'te, grumbling in his head about being called timid.


He wasn't timid, was he? He was just uncomfortable around people, and shy, and nervous, and blessed Twelve he was timid.


As he came to that horrible realization some sort of commotion began at the other end of the docks, which he quickly dismissed as not involving him. He sighed through the Miqo'te's introduction, though still caught the shorter man's name, and as Xha'li ducked down to rummage through his pack he cleared his throat.


"Monty," he offered quietly to anyone listening.

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The Miqo'te motioned the Elezen towards her companion who was standing a bit further out on the docks with hardly a word exchanged. A very encouraging proposition. 


Desmond was about to reach for his pack when a hand slapped him on the back with a satisfying 'wap!'


He couldn't help but straighten up and lose the feigned look of disinterest he wore. Turning around he was suddenly face to face with a blonde Hyur woman, smiling at him like he they were the oldest of friends.


For a second, Desmond searched his memories but her face was unfamiliar. He furrowed his brow at her, in an attempt to convey his wish to be left alone but the woman only smiled all the more and gave him a friendly push, nudging him in the direction of the Miqo'te ferrywoman.

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One by one the bids were called out and Faydrel watched as it was the red-headed Miqo'te woman who was doing most of the talking for the 'ferrywomen'. A thoughtful expression crossed over her features as she pondered over the name Phoenix Flame. It had sounded familiar to the seasoned sailor, but for now the actual details seemed to have failed her. Not that it mattered to her much, considering her own professions. They were off to Limsa and that was where she currently needed to go.


Cerulean colored eyes glanced casually towards the man she was currently harassing and was quite amused that he hadn't said a single word to her. "Oh, the strong and silent type? My favorite." Faydrel cooed teasingly as her firm hand had moved away from the man's back and onto his shoulder with an added helpful nudge towards where the group of possible wayfarers were located.   


Booted feet danced carefully ahead of the other man and she raised her lightly armored arm up to a small wave towards the group. The blonde Hyur had decidedly to come behind the two newest additions, the green-haired Miqo'te and red-headed Hyur, with a slight grin still upon her face.


"Faydrel Lovell, reporting for duty. I don't suppose you two lovely ladies could give me a bit of work in exchange for a lift back to Limsa?" She inquired to Salaah, with an added wink, and for good measure she then cocked her head in the direction of the man she had just been visiting. "Even brought a prospective customer." Fay quipped, though she was fairly sure the man would have eventually made a bid for passage aboard the ship. But these two did not need to know that, now did they?

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All of Desmond's carefully laid plans of attack had been eroded by one unexpected woman.


Without uttering a single word of protest, he found himself a supporting player in her promising bid for passage. With a self deprecating grimace, he was reminded once again why he was not his father's son in spirit as well as blood. In fact, she was already making her way towards the growing group of travelers bound for the ship floating offshore. 



Recovering, he turned towards the Miqo'te, "I've need of passage to Limsa," Desmond said. 


With a flair, the Miqo'te bowed and gave him a telling look.


"I have some Gil, and I can offer my arm and my sword if need be, while we sail," He added and put a hand on the hilt of his gladius.


The Miqo'te bowed deeper, promising nothing and gestured towards the milling group by the Roegaedyn ferrywoman.

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Cima's eyes flicked back and forth between the interested passengers before finally locking with the stare of the Miqo'te, Salaah.

With a shared glance and Melle's cue, her ears and tail drooped sadly. "... He's real sick..." She chimed in a sorrowful tune, forcing her gaze to the dirt-floor and twining her fingers in a low prayer pose.

"... We brought all the gil we had, but between this ferry ride and his expected medical expenses..." Cima sniffled suddenly and turned to the shoulder of her friend.

"Ooooh! We never should've left him Melle, we shouldn't of! Why'd he have to get so... old!" She wailed miserably, drawing the fabric of Melle's sleeved arm into a fist and resting her head there - mostly to conceal the struggling composure of her face. It was hard not to crack a smile. She hoped the sailor was buying it.

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The Roegadyn glanced over Xha'li and Monty, appraising them and wincing a little at Xha'li said her name.


"It's Agile Wolf. Xha'li and Monty, eh? Alright, sling yer stuff over by the boat and I'll have the Cap'n look you over when he gets here." Her glance shifted noticeably to the other end of the docks as she mentioned her Captain, before her gaze returned to her companion.


Salaah, meanwhile, was busy taking stock of the rest of the potential customers. First, she gave Cima and Melle a pitying look.


"Alright, alright. Enough with the theatrics. I don't know what yer real reason is for gettin' to Limsa and don't much care. If the Cap'n wants to help out, he'll help you out. But word of advice, loves? Spin a better sob story than that one. The Cap'n wasn't born yesterday and the 'sick old relative' angle got played out twenty years before either of you were both. G'wan and wait with the others. We'll find a way to get you to 'Grandpa'." She turned her attention to Faydrel and Desmond. "As fer you two...well, looks like the fella can handle himself in a fight, and sounds like you got the coin. The lady...aye, we always have work on board you can pay your passage with. Yer both in."


As Salaah gestured for the two to join the small crowd by Agile Wolf, she heard a commotion from the other end of the docks. A very familiar sound. Glancing over, she locked eyes with Agile Wolf and noticed that her partner had heard it too. Nodding to each other, they said a single word simultaneously.




Agile Wolf raised her voice, addressing the gathering crowd and signaling for them to gather around, shut up and listen.


"Pay attention, all of you! The Captain is on his way and will be here shortly. He'll speak with each of you and make final arrangements for your passage. If you've got a story to tell, I suggest you make it quick. We'll be leaving real soon after he arri..." Her words were cut off by shouting from the nearby crowd as a figure barreled through and almost fell. An Elezen male of average height, he had shoulder-length shaggy dark hair and a well-trimmed beard. He was dressed in a deep red cloth shirt slashed almost to the waist revealing a toned, weather-worn chest, along with black leather pantaloons and boots. Skidding to a halt, he glanced around until he spotted Salaah and Agile Wolf.


"Ah, there!" The man dashed over, stopping in front of the crowd assembled around the two women. "We need to go, now. Code RB. These must be our passengers, yes?" Agile Wolf nodded. "Excellent. Brilliant! Greetings to you all! My name is Tyriont Gaidal, Captain of the Phoenix Flame. Now, usually at this point I'd love to hear your stories, take your gil and figure out who we're taking with us. As it stands, however..." Tyriont glanced behind him into the crowd, which was beginning to part. "...our departure time has been shifted up a tad. So, congratulations! You all get passage. We'll work the details out on board. Too many of us for our little boat though...no time for two trips. Alright. Let's see..." Tyriont paused thoughtfully for a moment, before pointing at Cima, Melle, and Faydrel. "You three, with me. The rest of you, hop in with Salaah and Agile Wolf." Without waiting for a response, he turned and cast his gaze over the docks. Settling upon a small fishing boat with nobody visibly attending it, he darted over and severed the rope binding it to the ballast with a flick of a thick knife pulled from inside his shirt before jumping into the boat and grabbing the oars. He called over his shoulder without looking back. "And don't look at me like that! We'll give it back. Now, c'mon!"


Salaah and Agile Wolf exchanged a weary glance before moving towards their own boat, indicating for the rest of the group to follow suit.

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Monty stared at the man like he was crazy. Judging by his words, he was expecting that.


The now-named Agile Wolf and Salaah brushed past him as they made for their boat, both looking rather off-put by their captain's words. He imagined everyone else looked much the same.


Was this worth the trouble, he wondered? Sure, he'd be saving a few (tens of) thousand(s of) gil, but the already sketchy ride now had a distinct air of danger. He had been rather actively avoiding danger for a number of years...


"I want a discount," he sighed, before adjusting his pack and following.

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Xha'li blinked slightly at Tyriont's arrival, wondering if the Elezen's balance would be any better on the ship before shrugging it off.  He'd be working his way as a healer and frankly as long as the man didn't manage to seriously injure himself while they were several days away from shore and some more qualified healers it'd probably go a long ways to reducing his ferry bill.


At the captains introduction he nodded his head respectfully from where he was still sitting by his pack before starting to stand up for the introduction and arrangement of passage when his thoughts were abruptly cut off my Tyriont's declaration that they would all get passage, and details would be worked out underway.  Wondering just what was up Xha'li opened his pack and secured his conjour's wand to his belt where he'd be able to get to it easily with his pack on before hefting his pack and following Agile and Salaah towards their boat looking forward to getting away from this gods blasted sand so he could let his tail out with out having to worry about spending several hours latter getting all the sand out of it so it wouldn't itch constantly.

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Sweat beaded on Desmond's brow as he neared the end of the dock and the rowboat that would take their group out to the ship, Phoenix Flame. 


His hand went to the heavy leather straps of the haubergeon he wore as he thought, 'I must learn to swim and save myself from these unfounded terrors'.


The female Miqo'te called Salaah jumped lightly into the boat, followed by the male healer. Swallowing hard, Desmond hopped into the boat and immediately lost his balance, pitching forward to land on all fours.


'Twelve, I hate the sea.'


The rowboat pitched behind him as someone else boarded. Staggering to regain his footing, he moved to starboard and commenced his white knuckle death-grip of the lip of the boat in ernest.

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While the two younger women attempted to con the potential con artists, Faydrel's attention had shifted towards the bit of commotion that was occurring further down the docks. Whatever what was happening, it was far too away for her to get a good look. With a small shrug of her shoulders her attention had then shifted back onto the Miqo'te named Salaah as she chided the two girls on their good attempt at bluffing on board the ship. A soft chuckle chimed from her throat and gave a small salute to the red-headed Miqo'te as she acknowledged the added help aboard would be appreciated. "Whatever gets me to my glittering gem of Limsa." Faydrel commented in her usual laid back tone.


With a small bark from Agile, Faydrel shifted her full attention back onto the nearby men and female Roegadyn as the larger woman started to give out the orders of what was to come when their captain showed up. However, the commotion from earlier appeared to be getting closer to the group. Quizzically she glanced towards the origin and soon witnessed a male Elezen in obvious sea-wear breaking through the crowded docks and right in their direction. 'Well things just got more interesting...' she mused as the dark-haired Elezen scampered closer to the group before skidding to a halt. Her gaze looked past the man and towards the disheveled crowd of apparent citizens on the docks. Whatever it was he was running from was no where to be seen.


The man was apparently the captain of the Pheonix Flame and gave a quick explanation of needing to get everyone aboard now. A blonde brow arched slightly as shifted her weight to favor her right foot. The two young women followed after the captain without much complaint and Salaah and Agile were already making for their rowboat. "Aye aye, Cap'n!" She called out with a quick shift of her pack and came up the rear of the other girls and stepped into the small fishing vessel with an added shove off the dock-side and towards the open water.


"Code Really Bad?" She mumbled aloud to herself as her gaze watched the docks a moment before another soft snort left her and she took her a seat in the back. Faydrel plopped her back onto the vessel's floor as she eyed the other two girls a moment before landing back onto the captain. "Keeping the girls to yourself? I like you style there, Cap'n." She joked lightly before leaning in closer to the red-headed Hyur named Melle. "Don't tell me you get sea-sick?" Fay inquired with a quizzical look.

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Cima contorted her face in an elaborate, insolent expression (behind Salaah's back, ofcourse) before muttering some spawn-of-a-foul-phrase beneath her breath. 'Spin a better sob story... but that was pure gold!' She thought with another sniff - though this time the sound was one of impertinence, not sorrow. At least they were getting on their way... she'd bother Wilfie for a drama lesson when they returned home. 'Maybe it was the old comment...' Scratching her cheek as she mused over the new twist to their story, the lens of her vision adjusted to take in the rough arrival of the Captain. She glanced between the characters and their faces, taking special note, before sauntering along with the mini herd.


Her brow and ears quirked at Tyriont's actions - not that she particularly cared, she was just making an observation. With a 'plop' she landed alongside Melle, turning toward her friend and offering her hands just in case her assistance was needed. Seemed she was okay, so Cima made herself comfortable.


"I'd imagine so. Hey, captain, your ship has big buckets, right?" Tail twitching, she gestured toward the Elezen with a lift of her chin, meanwhile casting the blonde-haired Hyur a curious stare.

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-She was in a dash, nearly out of breath as she ran through crowds, and down to the docks. Luckily she was relatively small most didn't notice her slipping past them. Careful her weaponry didn't accidentally swipe someone. The tiny Miqo'te gestured a hand out as she darted down the docks towards the boat.


"Ah! Wait for me!"


She seemed like she was running quite late, her armor seemed heavy on her small frame. Though a nice fat bag of Gil jingled at her hip as she galloped down the dock with a commotion about her. Armor slightly clanging and her large axe strapped along her back was almost to large for her. Her white hair fell over her face as she stopped at the end of the dock inhaling a sharp gasp for air as she bent over. For the gear she wore didn't seem like being a marauder was much of a strong suit. Yet she swiftly took the air into words as she panted slightly,


"P-please tell me... This boat is going to Limsa..."


She struggled to regain herself, she was well weighted down with her pack and armor settled on herself. Her body forced itself upright as she remember the words of her mother scolding her for slouching and looking so weak with her gear assorted along herself. She forced a bit of a smile in hope for passage to Limsa, her tail coiled along her leg shyly though, a bad habit she was always unable to break.-

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Tyriont grabbed the oars of the small boat and started rowing as soon as his passengers were safely on board. He glanced over at the other boat, signaling his crew members to allow the late arrival on board before their own departure. As both boats reached a somewhat safe distance, the docks erupted into noise and movement. From the same direction Tyriont himself had come from arrived a very large, very angry looking Roegadyn. He was brandishing what to him may have been a knife, but to a normal person was clearly a small sword. He waved the weapon in the air as he saw the boats pulling away, furious as he called out after them.


"Ge' back 'ere, y'thrice curs'd son'uva dodo! I'll carve off them ears an' shove 'em right up yer..." Tyriont cut the man off, yelling back a retort.


"Not really enticing me to return, friend! And I'll say it again, she told me she was single!" He shot an apologetic smile at his passengers, lingering a little at the sight of the clearly seasick girl. "Sorry about all that commotion. I assure you, our departures are usually much smoother. Don't worry about that fellow...he didn't seem like he had too much going on upstairs, if you understand. I hope you don't think me too terribly rude for not introducing myself to you properly. Once we reach the ship, we'll have time for pleasantries. Oh, and...if you're going to hurl, please do it over the side of the ship? It's quite cramped right now."


Over in the other boat, Salaah and Agile Wolf caught each other's look and sighed. Agile Wolf smiled wryly at their passengers as she rowed.


"Forgive the Cap'n. He's not as bad as he seems right now, I promise. He's just got a weakness something fierce when it comes to a pretty lass flashing him a bit of flesh. You can count on him when the going's rough, I swear to it." Salaah nodded, grinning.


"Don't worry. Soon as we reach the Flame, we'll slow down and introduce ya proper like. Just sit back and enjoy the ride fer now!"

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Xha'li jumped lightly into the boat, his grace belaying his apparent taillessness.  Stowing his pack under the bench he sat down by the side and put his hand on his wand ready to make an attempt at a shield if it came down to it.  At this point another Miqo'te came up in heavy armor with a full bag of gil on her belt shouting for them to wait up.  Xha'li couldn't help but wonder how long she'd been out adventuring if she was keeping so much gil so readily steal-able.  Even when he was only a few days out of his tribe he knew to keep his gil hidden on his person, and that wasn't even covered in the 'lessons' he'd had as teen once it became apparent he'd be the Moui from this generation that would go adventuring.



Any further thoughts on the matter were shelved as a Roegadyn came charging into view waving what Xha'li guess he considered his knife and yelling at the captain for doing something that made him want to cut off his ears and shove them up somewhere.  Xha'li simply nodded at the explanation of the Captain's 'weakness'.  Figuring they were unlikely to be heading back he shrugged out of his cloak and pulled his tail out from under his shirt giving a small sigh as it lashed about behind him, almost looking like it was reprimanding him for confining him.  Figuring he'd forestall the inevitable questions he grinned, and said "Yes I have a tail.  I just kept it hidden to keep that twelves blasted sand out of my fur.  Getting it out is not fun, and if I don't it starts to itch something awful after a few hours."

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Monty stepped on the boat after Xha'... Xha'... Xha'something, doing a little dance to keep himself upright. He'd forgotten how annoying reacquiring your sea legs could be, and quickly took a seat beside the tailless Miqo'te to prevent any mishaps. He brought his pack down from his shoulder and placed it on his lap, keeping a hand tightly gripped on the drawstring - Maelstrom lesson number one: You can trust a seadog with your life, but not your belongings.


Just as they were about to get underway another Miqo'te came sprinting toward them, wearing armor that looked a size too big and displaying her purse a bit too proudly. He sighed again - that seemed to be quickly becoming habit -, and the good Captain waved his approval for the girl to board. One more couldn't hurt, he supposed - in the likely event the privateers decided to rob them they'd have decent numbers on their side.


Not long after casting off the commotion he'd heard along the docks finally reached them in the form of a pissed-as-all-seven-hells Roegadyn, shouting and gesturing like mad in their general direction. Monty had been half expecting a contingent of Blades, so learning of the lover's spat was something of a relief. He idly wondered how the promised introductions would go.


Xha'something shifted next to him, suddenly sprouting a tail, and Monty's lone eye blinked. He nodded at the quick explanation, he could appreciate the sentiment. He himself wouldn't miss emptying the sand out of his eyepatch.


After a moment of silence his ears twitched, and he turned toward their gracious hosts. "Um... What're the chances that, uh... Lover-boy back ashore has his own ship?"

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"Thank you!"


-She smiled slightly as her steps seemed to make her winced a bit onto the boat carefully as she managed to balance herself rather swiftly regardless of her overcombered state. But settled down as she rested her tail along her hip near her pouch. She didn't seem seasoned in traveling as others, though her axe gave a false experience in that being slightly worn in from fighting was all she really knew.


Her ears shifted and ticked at different sounds. Her white bangs drifted over her miscolored eyes as she looked back towards exchanging of shouts over the water. 


She looked more relaxed that she had managed to make her way onto a boat. Her gauntlet covered palm rested on her cheek forgetting the thoughts of sea sickness for her excitement of traveling had consumed her. She glanced occasionally among the other passengers, but kept to herself on the topics of conversations. Her body staying quite still in more of a fear of falling over board.-

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The idea of having the girl becoming sick in the boat was not all that pleasant of a thought, but Faydrel was able to push the ideas away as a loud eruption of noise came from the now distant docks. Her lingering gaze forced away from the young woman and focused in on a rather disgruntled Roegadyn holding what would have appeared to be a dagger in his large and gruff looking hands. Faydrel then leaned back away from the young lady she questioned and pressed her pink lips together to let out an audible whistle. "I somehow doubt that asking him to join in would have been a viable solution." She commented with a small snort as her gaze tore away from the commotion on the docks and back to the rest of the passengers on board their commandeered fishing vessel.


She appeared to be ignoring all that was going around her in that moment as the pack from her shoulder dropped to the boat's floor. Fay scooted the large adventurers' bag in front of her and began to rummage through its contents. Their were rustling sounds of papers, metal, and other odd thunks and clangs. As she searched through her bag her blonde brows began to burrow together and a small scowl formed on her lips. "...need to organize this better." she muttered sourly until she let out a small noise of victory and soon a small leather sack emerged with her hand.


"Here you go, Red. On the house." Faydrel chirped as she casually tossed the bag towards the girl's lap. If the young Hyur woman were to investigate the contents of the bag she'd find it full of what appeared to be some kind of crystallized dried fruit, or root as the case was. "Nibble on a bit of that ginger and it should keep the nausea at bay. ....Or use it to bate the rodents." Fay went on to explain with the small joke as she strapped her bag closed and shifted herself so she was sitting against the edge of the vessel and lifted her legs up on the bench she was occupying.

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