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Oh no, another noobie!


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Hello! Let's start with some info about me.  I'm 23, I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I'm a huge nerd. Been playing video games since I was just a little guy.  I have a few tattoos for some of my favorite video games.  I've never really role played heavily but I'm finding myself very engrossed in the lore of a realm reborn (what little I can find..)  and I intend to be on balmung . 

I played World of Warcraft for a pretty long time from about launch until shortly after the release of the lich king expansion. I also played Final Fantasy XI for a good year before I got tired of shouting in Jeuno for a party all the time..               

My role playing experience is somewhat limited. I've been a part of several forum based RP's and I did some light RP'ing during my time in WoW. There is also the kind I do with my girlfriend from time to time.. ;) 

I am very interested in role playing in a realm reborn though. I'm not sure yet if I'll be classified as casual medium or heavy because I haven't had the chance of playing the game yet. But chances are I will probably land somewhere in the middle.

My character is going to be a male Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun by the name of D'jiihn Tia (Djiihn was my handle in other games and it just lends itself so well to Miqo'te naming conventions don't you think?) I haven't yet thought up a back story for him I'm going to have to do some more reading into the lore but I'll put something up this weekend.  Anyways. I'm very excited to become a part of this community.  So nice to meet you!

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Yay, someone to be newbies with (among a whole bunch of others)!


I hope you have a whole lot of fun creating your character's backstory once you get around to the lore. Like you, I'm hoping to put my character on the wiki this weekend. Maybe we'll end up running into each other :>

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Another Edmontonian! /gcsalute


Welcome to the community,


If I can recommend anything its getting an invite to the shared skype chat where many a shenanigan takes place.


Remember to feel free to question and comment, hope to see you around and in Eorzea!

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