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Commerce Regulation Agency (Inactive)


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The Front


The Commerce Regulation Agency has been tasked with assisting the Grand Companies in the unification process to integrate the disparate Eorzean city-states. With such varied economic interests, there is a clear and present need for strong counseling and oversight throughout unification, as well as the open sharing of research that could contribute to our stand against the Garlean Empire. The CRA encourages smaller entities to permit themselves to be annexed by the Grand Companies of Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, and Gridania, in order to allow for a more smoothly functioning society in our new, cooperative reality. The CRA will take upon itself the responsibility of ensuring all individual parts within this union work with one another for the greater whole.


The Rumors


One person's fearful whispering can spread lies and half-truths; the more fantastic, the more likely. These whisperings are of the fate of those who draw the attention of the CRA. Oh, their auditors and investigators are polite enough, and they'd never dream of forcing anything on anyone. But sometimes, in the wake of the CRA's passage, groups destabalize that one would not suspect to have. Sometimes, people go missing. Sometimes, unfortunate happenings transpire unexplained. The common thread is the CRA and their well-meaning interlopers. Of course, that's just the rumor. And for those who are against the unification of the Grand Companies, it's a very convenient rumor to spread around.


The Truth


The truth? No one knows the truth. As far as all of Eorzea is concerned, there is no truth. The CRA serves the Grand Companies and roots out disruptive elements. The CRA places itself into the main routes of exchange and communication throught the city-states so that they may serve as oil in the gears of commerce. But is that the extent of the truth? Or is there something more known to the handful who direct the CRA? There are no rumors of this: not that they in fact report to a concealed individual who carries the will of an empire. Nor that they are preparing to give Eorzea away to foreign annexation without a fight. You do not know these things; you do not suspect. None do, except for perhaps the CRA's council of directors.




Please submit an application to receive your contract and linkpearl with the CRA.

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