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Hello Everyone.


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Age: 44 (Yep I'm an oldie lol)

Hobbies: Gaming, cooking, baking and cake decorating.

Playing on: PS3 until PS4 release Started out on PC in 1.0

World: I plan to be on Balmung



Character will be Lalafell named Wobble Artol. The name comes from a character I had when I played FFXI. He was first named Wobble and then they merged worlds and I had to change so I went to Artol.



I got into gaming when the Atari 2600 came out and of course enjoyed video game arcades when I was younger. Do they still exist? :roll: I got turned onto Final Fantasy and Square Enix around 1999 I think it was, when an old roommate brought home FFVIII and I started playing and ended up pulling my first all nighter and since then have not been able to resist all things Final Fantasy and Square Enix. 





I played FFXI from it's release until around 2008 or whenever it was they changed the first level cap to 80. I got tired of all of the elitist attitudes on the game. I was main on SMN and had it at level 76 when I left. I also enjoyed playing BRD 75, MNK 75, SCH 70, BLM 60, WHM 65, PLD 40. 





I tend to be more of a casual yet sometimes aggressive player depending on my mood. I am really big into questing and from what I have seen in FFXIV I think I will really enjoy gathering and crafting also. I love to help everyone as long as I'm able too no matter what the situation be it quest, mission or crafting. I hope to meet some of you in the game and look forward to having some new and awesome adventures in Eorzea. 





I do not  have a Linkshell or FC or anything for that matter as of yet. So far I have CNJ 25 and THM 20. Probably going to finish off CNJ and either move to ACN for SMN or finish off THM. As far as linkshells or FC's (not really sure what FC is yet) go I would like something that is kind of social with possibility of doing content together. There is just something about seeing the linkshell chatter as you are out questing, crafting or soloing.

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Welcome to the RPC!


There are lots of Linkshells that I'm sure will meet what you're looking for. Check out the Linkshells tab at the top :)


Also: Arcades still exist! They're hard to find, but they're there. I live in NYC and the last Arcade on the main island closed down 2 years ago. However, it recently reopened and is better than ever. A friend of mine (who plays X|V as well just isn't on the RPC) and I go there once a week to play games. They need to make a come back. We can make this happen! *fist pump*

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Another Lalafel. I just love seeing them come out of the woodwork. <3 Oh right. Welcome welcome!! You know I wouldn't call yourself old, more like experienced? ^_^ You can probably out-game the rest of us haha As for linkshells it seems people have pointed you in the right direction, so welcome and enjoy your stay!

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