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First milestone: 100+ members

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Over 100!!! Can you even imagine 100 RP'ers at an event? My mind boggles.


Personally I can't wait to see how the RPC influences the FFXIV world. So far though, I've enjoyed the discussions we've had and looking forward to having more. The RPC has reconnected me with old friends and made it easier to stay in touch. I've also met some fellow RP'ers from other servers, and hope to get to know more as that that number on the bottom of the page grows. So a bow to all of you for making this young community already feel like home and a tip of the hat to Castiel for getting the party started!

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I have to admit that I was pretty excited when I saw us hit that 100 mark. I wasn't expecting to reach it for at least 2 weeks after going public. But after a mere 6 days, we already surpassed that goal. FFXI's RP communities all started out with around 5-10 RPers per server who had to struggle to build up a strong RP community (many of which didn't survive for the long haul). Starting out with 100+ RPers all on a single server is truly amazing. It may not seem like a huge accomplishment to many out there but I think all of us with backgrounds in FFXI's RP community know that it's a major milestone. And considering the game has yet to move to open beta testing means there are still a lot more potential people out there who may find their way here. Truly exciting times. Go us! :D

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