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Hello, everybody!





My name is Nirro. I am an undergraduate student in Texas,studying geoscience. When I am not outdoors enjoying Texas’ intense ultraviolet light, heat index, smog, dust, humidity, and mosquito swarms, I find myself taking refuge inside my (mid-winter-in-Colorado-temperature) cold home. When that happens,typically I am on my computer, playing around of a few games, MMO or not.


When, in the off chance that the outdoor conditions do notreflect that of the surface of Sun, I am outside mountain biking, camping, hiking, climbing, or otherwise being preoccupied by some other outdoor activity. I also travel a lot to escape Texas’ crazy weather.


(In short, my game time is sometimes sporadic)





I’ve been playing RPGs since I first picked up a copy ofChrono Trigger for SNES back in the mid 90s (I am 23.769). Since then I’ve played most Final Fantasy titles (including XI), and countless others. Over the years, between myself and my sister, we’ve collectively owned most of the gaming systems that do not involve Box in the name (XBOX, XBOX 360, and will not ownXBOX One).


Since 2004 I’ve been poking around MMOs. Particularly I’veplayed Star Wars Galaxies (Pre CU and Post-CU), Final Fantasy XI, Ever Quest, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. I have logged more time with Star Wars Galaxies than the others combined. Particularly because of the Roleplaying guild I joined.


Since I played with an RP guild on SWG for 4 years, I hadsince primarily  played on official and unofficialroleplaying servers on each game.




As before mentioned, I originally joined a Roleplaying guildon Star Wars Galaxies that got me involved in roleplaying communities in various games. The guild was just about the only roleplaying guild on the server Bloodfin. Consequently, being on the unofficial PvP server meant we had a lot offun crashing major cities with our ‘annoying’ in-character chat. Needless to say, we eventually all transferred to the unofficial RP server, Starsider. (the guild was Rogue Squadron(It was also known as ‘The Rogues’ or ‘Rogue Fleet’, as the name changed overtime.))


I also played, and roleplayed, for a few years on Lord ofthe Rings Online. Although I could never really find a niche to join as I had in SWG, I did make several friends on Landroval. The one Kinship I was in for the longest time fell apart when Free to Play was instituted into the game, and the leaders decided they wanted no part in it.


Since then I have floated aroundseveral different games, playing mostly Star Wars the Old Republic and Guild Wars 2 since I left Lord of the Rings.



I haven’t quite figured out a character background yet, butI am looking forward to roleplaying you ya’ll in the future.


I am also an officer of the Guardians of Eternity linkshell. It is a Roleplaying, End Game, and social linkshell. I might get around to posting that advertisement in the linkshell hall eventually. It only took me 3 months to remember to register here!

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Hello and welcome to the community! Better late than never, right? biggrin.gif But the LS post does look good!


Thanks, Zarek!


It took my linkshell a long time to collectively write it all out. We're still working on the story, but that will largely come to fruition as we roleplay it out.


Hello and welcome! Hopefully there will be a niche in this game for ya! Speaking as a longtime FF fan I can say there is an undeniable trademark charm to enjoy here.


Thanks, Desmond!


Hopefully. I am looking to get a bit more involved in the RP community as a whole this time around. I hadn't quite kept up with Roleplaying communities since my time Roleplaying on Landroval in LOTRO. Which was always fun, that community is well worth it's salt.

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