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A pleasure to meet you all, my (hopefully) future comrades. I figured that, while I'm getting super filled with rage at not being able to order a physical copy of the game as a collectors edition, I would take some time to calm down and post here! I tend to go by Alex Albury or Jack Rosenbourne in games, though Alex Albury is most likely here. Though, really, anything that grabs my attention tends to be responded to. Anyways! I've been playing MMO's for quite awhile. My first was Ultima Online, though I kind of played a little bit of The Realm before I started that. My tendency to roleplay in them kind of bounced between doing it a lot and hardly ever roleplaying though. What else...Oh! I'll be new to this game once it's finally released, and I'll probably be playing an Arcanist. Also, my favorite Disney movie is Lilo and Stitch. And I'm 18. As choppy as that all is, I think it should be enough for an introduction! I look forward to meeting you lot.

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Man, I could never pick a favorite... The Little Mermaid.. Aladdin... and more recently Tangled. Who doesn't love a Disney movie where both the female and male leads actually DO stuff? ..>What were we.. OH RIGHT!


Hi! Welcome to the RPC! Very sorry to hear about your lack of physical CE. Tough break :(. I know if you're looking for PC it's pretty much a lost cause, but you can still find PS3. Now on to the welcome wagon stuff~ If you're looking for a li'l lore update, I'd check out Merri's sum-up here, if you haven't already :). For a few other helpfull tidbits, I'd check out here and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Welcome, welcome, welcome.. old school RPer!!! UO... wow... back when the RP was just a step away from PnP.

Also... Disney? Pure win.


My faves? Aladdin, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast... Little Mermaid. All awesome... never too old to love Disney movies. :D (Tangled was adorable too...)

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