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Rhynka's Creative Bug Bites!


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Since I've been bit by the creative bug three times in the last month now I decided to make static thread to post any future works. Not sure what you label unsafe for work, but nothing will be nude here so if scant clothing is NSFW just view at your own risk.


My latest is a drawing of Rhynka in all her chastised glory, daggers ready to 'dance', with a coin to decide who goes first-Enjoy!






"Your call, heads or tails?"~ Rhynka



If this image is showing up grainy try this link HERE!

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I tip my hat to you. It amazes what you can do with a computer. :surprise:


I actually do better with paper, pen, brushes and some ink wells. With the lack of space where I currently live it provokes too much of a mess to do so... tablet ftw!

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Thank you for the wonderful compliments!


@ U'zhan: It's because she can see through U'zhan, and it gives her lotsa ammo to pick on him about!


@Yaein: I made her a bit chubbier than the normal miqo'te, a caster/hybrid build as opposed to purely athletic like my alt Diakhan, I intend to do a drawing of Diakhan in the near future.

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Its wonderful and I love how you have gave the feral effect (although I told you that already on skype but its true!)

Thank you! I was going for some kinda moth to a flame type of allure. She's a fiery lady and very attuned to the fire element so of course she's too hot to handle!


I put sweat beads on her using a different layer but I didn't like how that looked so took it out.

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Perhaps it might be better Rhynka stays a Balmung character so her man doesn't try to kill Amaare lol. Whooooo lol

 Yanno! The dancing daggers is not only a high risk game to be gambled on, but it can be used to resolve disputes as well xD


Not sure if this helps!! And with the Rhynka alt I will be playing on Gilgamesh, I hope Amaare's wandering eyes don't get him robbed blind!!! Sticky fingered lady ftw!

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I love your use of bright colors and the details... it just makes it feels so very VIBRANT and alive.


Great job Rhynka :)

 Bright colors is a real new thing I'm doing with Rhynka, so I'm glad it's working out! Having sticky fingers like hers colors cleavage and the works is a nice distraction to mislead while digging through a coin purse!! lol


Thank you very much for the kind compliment!

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