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Hey guys!


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Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop by here and introduce myself. For my purposes here you can all call me Shizu. I'm the co-leader of an RP Free Company, and we've officially listed here as of today, with me heading the public relations sector of the FC. I figure it's impolite to just add our group to the listing without some introduction here so...here I am! 


I'm 21, a Miqo'te player, and I play on Balmung. I played back in 1.0 but didn't get far into it because I couldn't find a good place to belong. Hopefully with ARR, I can remedy that. I've RPed in several different games, the most recent being Neverwinter, and TERA right before that. In fact, most of the FC people I'm running with came from TERA.


As for my FFXIV Character, I plan on putting a wiki page at somepoint...I'll link it here somewhere. As for RP in game, I really -enjoy- medium to heavy RP, but it doesn't always happen that way. And I like to write rather colorful backstories for my characters, as I really like to write!


Anyway, it's nice to be here, and its nice to meet you all!


EDIT: Forgot to mention, the name of the Free Company I'm working in is The Hungry Wolf



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Welcome to the RPC!


if you really like to write then you found the right place. Plenty of the members here have long well thought out(and written out) stories for their characters. We even have lore threads for probably almost everything, and should we have missed something just start up the thread and people will jump in excitedly.


again, welcome and I hope you find a nice place to call home here.

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