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Portraits For a Price (Open)

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The First Day thread was quite some time ago and a whole lot of people have joined since then. I'd like to give everyone a second chance to mingle in character and have a nice group discussion. Feel free to come on in, sit down at a table and start getting to know each other :)


The Rules:


1. Please adhere to the actual lore of the game and layout of the tavern as possible. Even I myself have not seen it, but it's safe to assume there won't be any clowns, demons, or a three story condo with a pool in the tavern. See the following if you have questions:



Once a runâdown alehouse frequented by sailors, thieves and worse, the Drowning Wench underwent a defining change when pub proprietor and former sellsword Baderon Tenfingers declared the bar and the inn above it the Adventurersâ Guild. While still a popular venue for a pirate to drink away his illâgotten gains, the majority of the pubâs custom now consists of eager adventurers fresh off the ferries, seeking the quickest path to fame and fortune.


2. No bar fights. - If you start throwing punches (ect.) the navy will swarm down from The Coral Tavern and take you to the nearest prison. For some reason if your characters get into a spirited debate that might result in the physical harm of one or more parties, chairs or Drowning Wenches please take it outside.


3. No hijacking the thread! - One on one discussions are okay but... if you would like to get into an in depth discussion with one particular character and advance your storyline please ask old Tenfingers to get you a room in the tavern for your chat (IE start a separate thread that's just your conversation). Once you've said all you need to say you can certainly rejoin the group.


4. Portraits and Drinks - My character will be going between drawing portraits and serving drinks. I allow any type of drink to be served but because we don't know what food will be included in the game please refrain from ordering meals at this time. If there is a bit of a wait please go ahead and start conversations with the rest of the group - after all, that's the point of the thread >.> If you are having your picture drawn:

4a. Please Post Promptly - Be aware that when you sit down at the table with Cassondra you will be expected to respond relatively quick to posts. If you are absent for an extended time my character will feel free to serve other people and eventually assume you left without taking your portrait with you.

4b. Physical Descriptions - Please include a link to your character sheet with the physical description of your character on it discreetly using OOC brackets such as ( ) or [ ] at the top of your post when you sit down to have your portrait taken. If none is provided (or there isn't enough for me to go on) then I'll simply have her sketch for a bit and hand you the paper when it's done without details.


5. No Drowning Wenches.


Again, please feel free to sit down at a table and begin chatting with other people.


Feel free to ask questions either in a PM to Crystal or in the OOC Thread:


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A odd type of silence filled The Drowning Wench as all it's patrons had turned to face a lone red-headed woman with a green bandanna tied around her head. It wasn't just her reveling top or uncommonly pretty face that attracted the crowed, but her voice seemed to boom and echo off the polished ceilings. Nearly everyone in Limsa Lominsa enjoyed a good pirate tale and the woman who stood tall in the center of the tavern narrating had caught the attention of the crowd.


Holding her hands up over her head, and bringing them down in a crashing motion she continued, "Water poured over the ship as it began to break up. The crewmen screamed in terror as they fell into the waves and disappeared. In a short time, there was nothing left of the ship or its crew, save one lone survivor. He had a strange tale to tell. He said that he saw the captain disappear into the sea and at that very moment he swore that he had heard the ringing of a bell; as though the Devil himself was bidding the captain, âWelcome!".


She paused for a moment and began pacing around the room, meeting each persons glance with her deep green eyes. From behind the bar an Elezen girl with white hair dropped a glass and a few sharp breaths were heard as a few people became startled. As the woman turned a harsh glance in the direction of the bar the girl blushed and quietly picked the glass up. When all eyes had turned back to the woman she put her hands behind her back and continued pacing, "But even today, sailors will tell you that when the sea is rough, there are times that they can hear the ringing of a deep-toned bell. And when they look into the sky, they see a ghostly sailing ship with one solitary figure pacing the deck!"


The tavern erupted in applause and laughter as the woman took a grandiose bow before her audience. Drink service continued as the barkeep began pouring drinks from the tap behind the bar as he cheered. Several waitresses sluggishly went back to their work and took the freshly poured glasses out to the tables. Men and women gathered together in loud conversation, each convinced they had a better tale that just had to be told at that exact moment.


"Haha!" A man with a bushy black beard sitting at the table across from Cassondra slapped his knee and flashed her a toothless grin, "Now wasn't that a story worth the hearing, lass?!"


"Most definitely." Cassondra smiled in return as she used her little finger to smudge a bit of pencil across the page to serve as a crude type of shading. Actually, it was a bit cliched, she thought to herself as she added a few more fine details to the sketch of the woman who had been telling the tale.


The bearded man next to her reached into his pocket and poured a handful of gil onto the table. Cassondra's attention turned towards him as she observed him leaning on a cane to stand on a single leg, and hobble out of the tavern. Sondra looked at the pile of money, placed her sketchpad on her table, and began to move her chair closer when the red-headed woman began saunter towards her. Straightening up, Sondra picked up her drawing once again and began adding in a few more details. Sighing inwardly, Sondra watched as one of the other waitresses followed behind the woman to clear the table, leaving it free for another group of customers.


The red headed woman placed her hands on her hips as she approached, looking down at the portrait in Cassondra's hands, "I'll take it, girl. How much?"


"Here, have it." Cassondra put one hand near the edge of the page and gently tore it from the book. The woman had already cost her more then the price of the paper, but she smiled sweetly as she held out the picture and nodded encouragingly, "Payment for the good tale."


Looking over the sketch the woman shook her head and reached into her breeches, pulling out a piece of fine silk white ribbon, "Fair enough, but have this. It's straight from Ul'dah and everyone knows their weavers make all the best materials."


"Thank you. That's very kind of you," Cassondra smiled as she took the smooth white ribbon from the woman who promptly waltzed off to the bar to sit among a crowd of admirers.


Now this is what I call a fair deal! Offerings of clothing and accessories from interesting places are always accepted, she beamed to herself as she looked down at her hand. Holding it tightly so it wouldn't slip from her fingers, Cassondra tied it around her blonde ponytail.


A sketch of a butterfly, a lakeside, one of a pirate ship, and a mysterious looking man wearing a cloak were pinned to the wall above Sondra's chair. The table in front of her was filled with more sketches as well as various colored pencils, some of which were broken and past the point of needing to be replaced. At the edge of the surface was a small sign neatly written in black calligraphy which read "Portraits For a Price."


Cassondra glanced at the small gold pocket watch she had in her lap and picked up her sketchbook once more. There was still time for a few portraits before her shift began. As long as the drinks remained full and the crowds weren't too bad she was allowed to sketch during her down time. Of course, the tavern took a percentage of her profits, but it was still good practice and if a customer was feeling particularly generous it was worth the payout.


Clearing her throat and raising her soft voice as much as she could she called out, "Who wants to be next?"

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(Ren looks pretty much like my avatar, just not nearly as stern looking.)


Renaise shook his head and took a gulp of his drink as the woman telling the tall tale brushed past him. âHard to say if the crowd enjoyed the story or the peep show.â he said not particularly quietly. He cricked his neck and moved a little closer to where Cassondra was sitting. âTell ya what love, not really got much need for a picture of my mug to display around the place, but I would buy that butterfly picture off ya if itâs for sale? I know a little lady who would be very happy with it. She loves butterflies.


Renaise took another gulp out of his glass, emptying it. Renaise looked into the glass with a disappointed expression. âHmmm⦠guess its time for a refill.â

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[i haven't made a character sheet for Seraj yet, since Averis and me have been working on some background stuff, and I'm not sure what her colors are going to be yet, but I know somewhat what her design will look like ^^ She's a Miqo'te, early 20s, with slightly narrowed eyes, and... The haircut with the bangs falling into the eyes and the white hairband? She'll have subtle markings on her face, and usually carries a smirk. She's a bit of a grifter really <.<]


The young Miqo'te, who had until recently been playing card with a sailor, who had now left the bar cursing loudly for some reason, glanced over at the man who have requested the butterfly picture.

"A lady, right," she said with a short laughter. "What, butterflies doesn't fit a "manly image"?

She continued to smile teasingly, shuffling the deck of card in her hands.

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With a giggle, Cassondra reached up and took the pin out of the picture of the butterfly. She stared at it for a moment and tried to remember what had inspired her to draw it in the first place. Perhaps it was from a dream? She placed the sketch down on the table in front of her and briskly rose from her chair, "I'll have to take a moment to calculate it's price. These things are subjective, you know. Why don't I refill your drink while I'm at it?"


She reached out and took the glass from the red-headed Elezen man and glanced fondly at the Miqo'te, "Is there anything I can get for you while I'm up, Miss...?"

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Seraj sends her a smile. "Well, since you're going anyway, I wouldn't say no to an ale."

She finds a few gil from the coin purse hanging at her belt, that seem somewhat heavier since the sailor left, and leans over the table to give them to Cassondra.

Then she grins at Renaise.

"You should stay out of the motel around the corner then, if you're looking for lodgings. Plenty of bugs there!"

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Taking the money from the Miqo'te with her free hand and slipping it into the pocket of her white apron, Cassondra crossed the floor to the bar area. She took a clean cloth from under the counter and wiped down the Elezen man's glass before turning behind her and filling it at the tap.


She actually hadn't planned on anyone wanting to buy her original artwork, although she could understand why some people wouldn't want their portrait hanging about. However, since it was a gift to his sister Sondra couldn't refuse. After all, when she was young she would have loved to have gotten a nice gift from her older sibling. As the last drop of light brown ale dripped into the glass, Cassondra smiled to herself and thought, that's the fair price!


Cassondra filled a second clean glass full of ale and turned back to the tavern room floor. As she passed the woman who had told the story she giggled softly, observing the amount of men who had flocked around her. Perhaps the Elezen man had a point about her performance.


"Here you go, friends." She smiled as she handed the glasses to the red-headed man and the Miqo'te with the cute white hairband. "Fresh from the tap. Now let me think..."


She sat down a the table for a moment and drummed her fingers on the surface, "Ah ha!" she exclaimed as she picked up a red pencil. Holding the sketch pad close to her body for a moment to shield it from view she busied herself drawing, stopping only to switch to a normal pencil once.


After a minute or so of sketching, Cassondra held the piece of paper out to the Elezen and smiled, "Now she has something to remind her of you. I hope she likes it, sir!"


(On the very corner of the page would be a small picture of Renaise and the words, "Two great things you give your siblings; one is roots and the other is wings".)

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"Oh that place." Renaise shook his head. "Not to worry, I have a place in town. Have been away a while though, be good to sleep at home again tonight."


Renaise took a big gulp of the ale as it was set down in front of him. "Ahhh... that's a bloody good pint."


Renaise took the picture and studied it, he smiled as he read the message. "That's very nice, thanks. I think she'll like it" Renaise reached into a small pouch. "So how much do I owe ya?

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Seraj peered slightly curiously at the drawing, then smiled at Cassondra.

"You're not bad," she said, taking a sip of the ale. She looked at the door when a new person came in, but when she realized it was a rather large Roegadyn with a scowling expression, she turned her attention away with a small shutter, looking at the gathering crowd instead.

"What's going on over there?"

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(I am going to warm up my ALT here a little bit. She is an aged Hyur, a character very dear to my heart. What role she will play come Launch I have yet to decide but she is fun to rp none the less.)


The thick wooden doors of the Drowning Dolphin are thrown back, an ageing woman makes her way in, her pace is slow and her gaze unfoccused. Her actual age remaining a mystery, but her mostly grey hair mixed with a few cinnamon strands of aburn red hint that she is likly over 60 at least. The skin on her face is slightly wrinkled around her mouth and eyes, but she has aged well. Pearcing green eyes like summer's grass, with eyebrows downcast and a mouth curled into a frown that has grown on her face for generations.


She wears comon clothes and walks with the aid of a walking cane, theives would find no prize on her, save for a small charm around her neck, tied by a silver necklace.


The aged Hyur finishes her way to a table somewhat out of the way but still visible enough to be seen. Past the young Miq'o'te, past the young Elezen, she takes a seat, her movements slow but deliberate. Her stirn and stoic expression would scare off even the friendliest of foalk from a possible conversation.


Her eyes search for a wile for something, as she pulls her chair closer to the table and allows her cane to rest against the table. Her lips scrunch as she finds her target, the barkeep, and so she will stare, and wait for eye contact.

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Raising an eyebrow inquisitively, Cassondra turned in her chair to glance fully around the room. A hulking Roegadyn was working his way from the door through the crowd. He had a look on his face that made Sondra's sit back a bit more firmly in her chair. Knowing my luck he'll want a drink from me, she thought as she averted her eyes from his gaze.


The elderly lady who entered behind him wore a frown that seemed to reach the ground. Cassondra watched her carefully as she made her way to a table alone. Something about her pretty green eyes still seemed to reflect a youthful vigor although it seemed the strength from her body was fading. Then a small, silver pendant caught the dim light and Sondra couldn't help but smile. Anyone who wore such an amazing accessory had to have some good taste.


Well, it's the potentially mean Roegadyn or the frowning lady... I think I know which one I'll go help, she decided.


"Thank you for the compliment." Sondra smiled at the Miqo'te. "I think I need to go pour that lady a drink, but you're such a pretty girl I'd like to do a portrait of you when I get back, if you don't mind." Turning again to the red-headed man she added, "Why don't you two take a seat at the table next to us, I'll bring some more drinks and we'll settle up the price of the picture when I get back?"


Sondra stood up from her chair and ran a hand over her dress to straighten out any wrinkles. Then suddenly a stunned expression crossed her face as she seemed to remember something. Company policy to always give your name and extend any courtesies, she reminded herself before adding, "Oh, by the way, I'm Cassondra, or just Sondra, and I'll be your hostess this afternoon."

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Seraj laughed, the idea of someone doing a portrait of her was quite amusing.

"Sure, why not?" she said with a wink at Sondra.

"If nothing else, I'm sure Dal can use it as a Wanted poster when he finally decides to get rid of me. It would be a pleasure having my portrait done by you, Sondra, especially since sailor was nice enough to donate me his latest pay". She smirked, then looked around, letting Cassondra leave to serve the older lady.

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Kima wolf's Bio


âWell, no time like the present to check out te' place ah' suppose. Sides' ah need ah bit of ah break, take in ah differen' atmosphere,â He thought as he opened the doors and walked into the Drowning Wench. He was tall, standing at about 6 feet tall and weighing a lean 180lbs. His build was lanky but muscled, like a runner or agile fighter. The black hair which sat on his head was pulled back into a pony tail to keep his hair out of his face so he could use his smile, even if his cheek did have a scar on it along with the tribal markings over his right eye, which he thought added to his charm.


His silver eyes took in the atmosphere and he gave a smile. The sounds and smells reminded him of home, granted it had a bit more people in it, and there was a few extras he had not seen before in a tavern like what looked like a personal art station. He raised an eyebrow, making a mental note, but decided against going to get a more personal view as he walked over to a small table and took a seat. The place had brought out all kinds, he saw another elezen, one of the more âfairerâ skinned ones which seemed to always be in the middle of crowds and in the midst of things, the fiery red hair would definitely draw attention to him, perhaps that was the reason for having the hair, or perhaps it simply was his choice, either way it could be seen as a blessing or curse. He then let his eyes continue their journey and fell on a older looking Hyur, she had wise eyes which also had a youthful vigor which defied her age, and despite the crow's feet around her mouth and eyes, she seemed content with herself.


Interesting. Most Hyurs are very, ego centric...


As he continued, he came to one Miqo'te in particular, she looked innocent enough, but something about her face, the smile she had and look in her eyes, reminded Kima of a old friend, at which point he definitely knew she was more than what she appeared to be.


âQuite the interesting place. Ah should had come ere' sooner.â He said to himself as he looked around for a waitress or barmaid to come and take his order.

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The doors opened to let a figure in the tavern. The outside light silhouetted his body giving it an ominous air; a spell caster, there was no doubt. The long robes covered his many movements, keeping the secrets of his body language under its heavy folds. The long brimmed hat covered his face. Its shadow hid his eyes in a inky darkness. The figure stood there for a moment breathing heavily. His fists clenched tightly to his sides. Three beats of the heart passed. The figure reached for his staff on his back...


...and removed a fish from inside his collar.


The doors closed and the tavern light took over. A young man stood in the doorway slightly covered in chocobo feathers and most of his lower half and back was wet. He was slight of build fair skinned of a small size compare to other hyur. His disheveled white blond midlander hair lay about his face under without care. His robes were simple fair made of brown tones made from heavy cloth. It was slightly worn. His hat was also battered and worn but more so. It looked like it been through a lot in its life and should have been retired from adventuring long ago. The young man removed the hat and tossed it towards a hat rack. It missed and piled itself into a crumpled heap on the floor.


The man sloshed slightly as he took a chair from a near by table and sat down. He pulled off his boots to empty a small amount of water under his seat. "Darn chocobos, they're planning something., I can just feel it." he grumbled to himself as he put his boots on and dusted off the feathers. "Up to no good, they are, I'll prove it."


The young man wipes the grim from his face and closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Despite his roughed up look and obvious clothing problem he smiled . "Some day, some day this has been indeed." He chuckled to himself and opened his eyes to look to the ceiling and breath deep.

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Seraj smiled at the Elezen and held up two dices between her three middle fingers.

"Care for a game, stranger?" she said, before the dices went into her hand and seemed to disappear.

"While I wait for..." she never finished her sentence, as her eyes were caught by the Huyr entering, and she halfheartedly suppressed a snicker, then sent him a sympathizing smile.

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The place was growing quite populated now, and this was a dissapointment for the older woman. Her eyes meet with the Miq'ote who was here to take her order. There was a long silence after she asked what she would like, a very long strange silence. Then the most peculuar of things happened. A voice that sounded like it had come from a woman in her prime, a soft melodic voice like a teenager perhaps or one of only twenty came, but not from the mouth of the older woman. Upon closer inspection it would appear actually that her mouth did not move at all. Only the small charm around her neck glowed faintly with each word.


"Something strong, and in a very large glass. Roegadyn beer...what ever you have and it had better be strong."


Though the voice was soft almost sweet sounding, it was also harsh and quick. There was no joy or pleasentry in her tone, but she was not barking or screaming, simply placing an order. It seemed this was all to natural a tone for her, she wore it well.


Her eyes fell on the others watching her, as if she was keenly aware of each of them, but she said nothing to any of them, and her glare did not linger.

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Sassaroth open his eyes and looked around the bar a bit noticing the colorful group of patrons that adorn the seats and tables. The smell of the place was rich with life. He saw the Miqo'te give his a small snicker and a smile. He returned the unspoken friendliness with his crooked boyish girl and a humorous wink. He tried to tip back a bit on his chair only to find himself humbled by his inept balancing ability. He quickly decided four legs where better then two.


He heard the strange old women ask for her drink. It made him curious. Several funny remarks barreled through his head at the same time. He suppressed them and stored them for later use. May be no to be used with this old biddy, but they might be funnier later with someone else when the time was right.


He gave her the briefest of large toothy grins and went back to examining his clothes. He spoke to no one in particular. "you know, chocobos find it with great amusement to 'accidentally' ", He emphasized with his fingers, " let you off near a barrel of fish precariously set on the edge of a merchant table."


He added his clothes, pretty sure I got all the fish out. The fish he had earlier , he tossed into his satchel hanging from his belt. "monstrous, yellow feathered little bitters." He said with quiet gusto. Sass preened himself as best he could and fiddled with his belongings.

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"A game?" Renaise asked. "I'm afraid I'm not much of a gambler, though I do know a few card tricks." Renaise smiled and drank a mouthful of ale.


Renaise titled his head slightly and the youthful voice emanating from the old woman. "Hmm... curious." Renaise grinned and pulled out a deck of cards from his pocket, "So what do you say? Anyone wanna see a trick?"

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Renaise shuffled the cards rather expertly then fanned them out. " You notice how the cards are all blank?" Renaise held the cards up to view. The cards had a border but contained no pictures within the borders, instead was blank white card.


Renaise shuffled the cards once again and placed them down on the table face down. HE tapped the back of the top card and smiled.


"Now if you please turn over the first card of the deck."


(the top card will now have a picture in the frame that bears a resemblance to Kashemia, the rest will still all be blank.)

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Sondra's eyes widened as the silvery pendant around the woman's neck began to emanate each time she... spoke?


"Something strong, and in a very large glass. Roegadyn beer...what ever you have and it had better be strong." Came a soft voice but full of intent.


The woman's green eyes then shifted to glance at the crowd who had gathered around the Miqo'te and the Elezen man. Quickly she turned her eyes back to Sondra who smiled at her before stating, "You're necklace is remarkable, if you don't mind me saying. I love jewelry but I've never seen anything that amazing and it suites you very well. My name is Cassondra or you can call me Sondra for short and I'll be your hostess. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make you comfortable and I'll go get your order."


Sondra walked away towards the bar a few steps, then turned around and addressed the woman once more, "Oh, I also draw portraits in my free time, " She pointed towards her table with the sketches and pencils laid out. "You have amazing eyes and I'd really love the chance to draw your portrait. The others over there are waiting for a portrait as well so feel free to join them."


With a blush, Sondra turned back towards the bar feeling slightly embarrassed by being so forward. Taking a clean glass from under the counter once more she filled it with a type Roegadyn beer which had been fermented longer for a particularly potent effect. She placed it on a tray and then glanced around the room.


Alright! Quite a crowd has built up! Maybe I'll have a good tip night if I can keep them all happy, she thought excitedly to herself. Taking two pitchers from under the counter, she poured it full of ale from the taps behind her.


Lets see..., she thought to herself again, there is the spikey haired Elezen man who has a glass, the Miqo'te with the cute headband who has a glass too, and the elderly woman who may or may not join them who has her beer. Then a new comer Duskwight Elezen man with an intresting tatoo above his right eye and a youthful hyur man with white hair... and are those chocobo feathers... that both need glasses. Hopefully I can catch a few of their names so it's easier to remember.


I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, she thought as she took the tray full of beer, ale, and glasses back out to the tavern floor.

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When the beer came, she took a drink, not just a drink but a drink. The hearty sort of drink the soldiers would take after a long day. A good portion of the glass sort of drink. It didn't seem to bother her, nor did it in earnest bring her any pleasure. There was no satisfied closed eyed smile, but there was no painful expression resulting from having dranken far to much far to fast. When the o ne who served her was once again within ear shot she spoke again.


"Nothing remarkable about it, more of a curse if anything..." She muttered as she let one elbow rest on the table. She was a warrior, or had been in her prime. Her mannerisms betrayed her.


She heard the strange dark one speaking of fish, but she didn't react, and she was aware of the playing of cards. No one would believe her if she told them, but she could hear each card as it was drawn and placed as if it was as loud as an oxen.


"I've no need for a drawing of this old face young lady."

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Well, it must be a hell of a night, got gamblers, and lots of drinks.


He watched as people came and went, drinks flowed back and forth. It was a healthy environment to say the least. He smirked as he tapped his fingers on the table gently, waiting patiently for a barmaid to come take his order.


Wow, she looks swamped heh, that's the same woman who is doing those drawings as well. Must be quite a living. He thought as his eyes moved to the older Hyur woman.



He raised an eyebrow, she was using some kind of magic perhaps, speaking without moving her lips, but she did need to open them to drink, and what a drink she took when she did. It reminded him more of his pirate days when he'd watch his old men and women celebrate after a good nights work.


"Quite interesting. Laylei and Kailisto would be curious, to say the least." He said with a grin as he continued to wait patiently.

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Seraj widened her eyes slightly as the card was turned. She tried to hide the fact that she was impressed, but only shortly, then she grinned at the Elezen.

"Not bad," she said. "You're quick on the hands. A shame you doesn't gamble, I'm sure you'd be a blast." She winked at him, then looked around in the tavern, where more and more people seemed to find seats.

"It's a busy night, huh?"

Gulping down the last of her ale, she tried catching Cassondra's attention with a small wave and a smile to get a refill.

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