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Reasons for leaving [Partial Backstory, OOC welcomed]


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A note prior to getting into Poe's backstory - I often write to help me flesh my characters out. I tend to write different chunks at a time, etc - so more shall be added before and after what I have here...but it's a sampling. I apologize, I have not done any extensive editing, as my primary goal is to get the thoughts and ideas out :bouncy:







Soft snoring filled the room as the daylight started to trickle in past the linen curtains. The dark haired Miqo’te rolled onto her side, her ear absently twitching as she yawned and pulled the blanket up over her head. It’s too early for this.She heard a snicker and suddenly a hard tug on her tail that had been exposed as she had shifted in bed.

                “Mota!”The Miqo’te sat up with a huff, glaring at her half-sister, smugly perched on the end of the bed, holding the wispy tip of the exceptionally long tail.

                “Poe…”Mota said back evenly, before bursting into laughter and standing up, dropping Poe’s tail, “You should really think about cutting some of that fur.” Mota wrinkled her nose in disgust and dramatically wiped her hands together, “Mother said to get up, you two will be heading to Limsa Lominsa to make some deliveries.”

                Poe closed her eyes and groaned, attempting to yank the blanket back over her head, “Why can’t you go with her for now? I just got back from Ul’dah with her two nights ago.” She could hear Mota clucking her tongue at her. Oh, that’s right. She is too busy meeting with the other elder females and discussing plans to return to the forests and expand the family. Poe rolled her eyes, thankful the blanket was covering her face. She felt another insistent tug on her tail and she sat up, snarling as she shoved the blankets aside, springing to her feet.

                Mota offered a sly smile as Poe and she stood toe to toe. Mota was everything Poe was not. Petite and demure with sparkling golden eyes and long strawberry blonde hair that was never out of place. Their mother, Sula, always reminded them that a female’s power was in her presentation. Poe realized at a young age that she had difficulty keeping up such a facade, often coming home with ripped clothing, mud streaks across her knees and face and brambles stuck in her wispy tail. Her mother was always horrified, it only seemed to get worse as Poe grew from up. Between standing several ilms over her mother and half-sister, her eyes were not the beautiful gold of the family’s either; Poe stuck out even more when in the presence of them.

                Mota continued to smile smugly and Poe finally let out a sigh, though it sounded much more like a hiss. Mota casually lifted a leather bound book up into Poe’s view, slowly licking one finger and flipping a page, “I was enjoying your little drawings. Though, some might find these a bit creepy, do they know you are drawing them as they go about their day?”

                Poe’s eyes narrowed and she growled, reaching for her sketchbook, “Give it back.” Poe snatched the book from Mota’s grasp.

“Oh, touchy,” Mota smirked as she turned and sauntered towards the door, “She said the caravan leaves before lunch.” Mota disappeared out into the hallway, not bothering to look over her shoulder.

                Poe bit her lip in frustration and looked longingly back at her bed once more. Rubbing one of her ears absently, she moved to the small window perch, pushing the linen curtain aside. It had to be close to noon and realized she had better hurry. Tucking her sketchbook into her leather satchel, Poe quickly turned and changed into some linen travel clothes, slid her goggles into place, tossed her satchel over her shoulder and bounded out of her room.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “Poe, are you listening?”

Poe’s head whipped around, focusing on her mother. Sula stood, waiting for Poe to follow her through the gate into the city. Poe had been distracted by the scent of the sea air; she could hear the birds down by the docks.

                “This is important. I won’t be taking many trips once we settle back in our true home. I need to know you can handle these trips yourself. Or at least until you are busy with youngings.” If I have to hear once more about ‘the’ family and rearing of young. It was not that Poe disliked children; she was actually quite fond of them. She disliked the pressure and expectations from her mother. And she hated being told what to do.

                Poe nodded and followed her mother down the walkway. She had visited both Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa more times than she could count. Sula had been bringing Poe on her merchant trips for quite some time. Poe had met many individuals and during each trip was always reminded how it would soon be her duty to handle this part of the family’s work. She was grateful in some ways; at least her mother could see that Poe needed to see the world, experience what could be offered.

                The two weaved through the foot traffic, the sound of merchants advertising their wares and beautiful women offering a wide variety of services filled the air. Occasionally someone would reach out and brush her arm or grasp for her hands. Poe would offer a smile and shift away. Their walk stopped in front of a large tavern.

Sula delicately took off her leather gloves and tucked them into her bag, “I have a few appointments here and then we will be having dinner with the merchant, Relan – you remember him, correct? I want to discuss the possibility of him selling some of our herbal remedies once we are back in our village. You can run along now, but Poe, remember this dinner is important and you need to look presentable.”

Poe’s ears wilted as she nodded.She remembered Relan, an older man who shifted from a life on the seas to a life of selling wares in the port city. Poe remembered his son, Davin even more. A few years older than herself, he had taught her how to use a fishing rod several visits back. She was envious of Davin’s freedom. He had even told her stories of his misadventures. She giggled, remembering his tale of meeting a saucy wench that stole all his coin, distracting him with a seductive kiss.

Sighing, Poe turned and headed for the docks. She enjoyed that place best, she loved drawing the beautiful ships docked and the way the sea curled around them. She enjoyed the rowdiness of crews upon the ships and hearing old fishermen tales. She found her usual perch, settling down and opening her sketchpad. The most recent sketch had been one of Davin, looking off to the sea as the wind had rustled his hair. Poe smiled as her finger traced over the image.

“There you are!”

She slammed her sketchbook closed;turning to see Davin grinning down at her as he nonchalantly leaned against the post.

“I figured I would find you hear.My father said there was a dinner meeting tonight. And I know right where to find you. You should really explore a bit more, everyone is quite inviting around here.” He grinned down at her, affectionately rubbing her head.

Poe blushed and dipped out of his reach, making a weak attempt at smoothing her hair down, “You heard about the dinner as well?” She carefully tucked her leather sketchpad into her satchel, thankful that Davin did not inquire about it. Schooling her expression, she looked back up to meet Davin’s gaze, a wry smirk on his face.

Davin stood up and held his handout to her, “Well, shall we head back to the tavern? I see how upset your mother can be if people are late.” Poe hesitantly placed her hand in his and allowed Davin to guide her back to the tavern.

Stepping inside, Poe paused,searching for where Relan and her mother might be seated. Her hand was tugged as Davin turned her to face him, tapping his finger on her forehead, “You could probably take those goggles off, it is rather dark in here.” Poe frowned slightly and eased her goggles up onto her forehead and blinked a few times. She easily spotted her mother and Relan tucked away at a discreet table. She tugged on Davin’s arm, pointing to where they sat. Davin carelessly waved one hand in their direction, “We can surely enjoy a mug of mead before we join them. Besides, I want to hear about your family’s herbal remedies. Rumor is it is the finest green smoke one would find in the Black Shroud.” Davin winked at her as a tall Highlander approached them, one Poe recognized as a friend of Davin’s.

“You buying a round?” the tall man asked, chuckling as he nodded to Davin and then Poe. She offered a quick nod back and glanced over where Sula sat, deep in discussion with Relan.

“L-let me get it,” Poe said,offering a brief smile as she weaved her way to the bar. After letting the barkeep know what she needed, Poe turned to rest her elbows, taking the room in. Sula made eye contact, her expression icy cool. Poe raised a finger, trying to indicate she would be over briefly. The barkeep returned with the mugs and Poe carefully balanced them as she headed back to Davin and the tall highlander.

“She is amazing. She has this energy about her, I can’t quite describe -“ Davin paused as he saw Poe come closer. She had heard him speaking, stopping a moment as she had tried to collect herself. Is he talking about me?She anxiously approached, offering a mug to each of the men.

“A beautiful female arriving with the gift of mead!” Davin grinned widely and wrapped one arm around Poe’s shoulders.

The other man took a long sip of his drink, offering a small bow, “I appreciate this.” He took another sip and then turned back Davin, “And this beauty? She is the beautiful Elezen over at that table?”

Poe turned to follow the man’s line of sight. Her gaze settled on a group of beauties sitting around a table nearby. She watched as the loveliest one at the table offered a small wave back toward Davin, his friend and herself. Just


It was in moments like these that Poe was thankful for her mother’s constant insistence of a neutral expression. Poe grasped for the skill, raising her brow finally and offering a forced chuckle, “It appears she would like to talk to you.”

Davin smiled at Poe before lifting his arm off her shoulder and finishing his mead, “She does await, doesn’t she?” He set the mug down on the counter edge and tapped Poe’s nose, “You give your mother my best. I think I will avoid such a stiff conversation.” He started to head toward the Elezen’s table before pausing to look over his shoulder, “And Poe, promise me we shall sample some of your family’s herbal. I know you have some.” He winked once more before drifting over to the other table. Poe watched him offer a kiss to the beauty’s hand.

The loud thump of a mug brought her back, a loud chuckle echoing in her ears. “He is quite the charmer, is he not?” Davin’s friend shook his head, laughing as he lit a cigar. He offered one to Poe and she paused, instead reaching for the cigar he had lit and savoring the sweet smoke for a moment.

Handing it back to him and missing his bewildered stare, she headed to her mother’s table. Relan stood up, greeting Poe with a large hug, “Why, you grow taller each time I see you. Just stunning.” Poe hugged Relan tightly and drew a stool up to the table.

She quietly listened as Sula and Relan poured over trade routes, timing for different shipments and discussion of hiring guards. Poe had let the ramblings go in one ear and out the other. She felt numb inside.

The light in the sky had long since set when Poe realized the discussion had shifted from business. Sula was talking animatedly about the family, telling Relan about the new member who would be joining them. Poe’s ears perked, immediately realizing what had occurred. While Poe and Sula had been traveling, the mate to continue the family lines had arrived to stay with Mota and Poe’s aunts. Her mother had planned it so. Poe felt the bubbling of rage low in her gut as she shifted in her chair. She blinked back tears, furious with herself. All the comments, they were all meant to reinforce that soon they would be moving back to the forest. She couldn’t handle this thought. Later she would probably call herself foolish, but Poe stood up and left for the door. She could hear Sula still talking to Relan in excited tones, discussing what an experience it would be for her half-sister and herself.

Poe took one long look toward Davin as he sat among the beauties. A hard realization started to set in, that perhaps Davin was right. She did need to get out…to see it all.

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