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  1. A friendly bump as I am becoming more active again - have lots of awesome rp going on (and very discord rp friendly!) and always looking for more connections, even if it's a simple scene of someone buying some somnus or tea!
  2. OOooh! Poe is going to have to come speak with her, not on any specific relationship but on lack of relationship and loneliness - bet she would have some great advice for Poe. I shall have to /poke you in game :blush:
  3. Looking to get in on this - (please add sare3824) Love to skype RP as well when I am away at work/can't get online for a decent chunk of time (AKA during hectic work weeks)
  4. Awww - thanks :blush: I am just so excited to see smiling people behind the screens - can be fun to see :bouncy:
  5. Been a little since I posted on here and getting back into more consistent rp.
  6. I always mess up coding stuff - so I will just post that Poe is located in Lavender Beds - please check her wiki for more information - if you are looking for an odd shaman-inspired Miqo'te who runs a successful Somnus growing business, feel free to /poke!
  7. Are you looking for healing? Or perhaps some of the finest Somnus? In certain circles, word has spread that there is someone who provides mending and herbs for healing, amongst other things. Difficult to find in cities, rumors suggest somewhere in the Lavender Beds this individual may be found. ((A small cabin in the Lavender Beds [Ward 5, plot 32].))
  8. I have been busy IRL so not getting a lot of game time currently - my tumblr for Poe is a great way for character building, asks, etc. (I will say there are images, inspirations that are NSFW from time to time) Link in the sig...
  9. Pirates of a Wayward Star know of this event as well, you should see crew members out and about mingling!
  10. Love this idea and will gladly help planning something out, or jump in where ever it may be helpful for you!
  11. Thanks again for getting this off the ground! Looking forward to dragging the crew along!
  12. Howdy all Well - we are both an FC and an LS. We took it from the standpoint that we know people have other commitments with FC's (though we have one and open arms at all times!) but the OOC ls (and the IC ls) is for all the rp people interested in being part of story arcs etc You can look for any of us - leader is Saefinn - and feel free to jump on in
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