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  1. Okey dokey OP here's another player made tribe for you. My character will be a member of the Qeyin tribe. The Qeyin: The central tenet of the Qeyin revolves around imitation of animals. This is reflected in always keeping on the move, living off the land, and only entering a confrontation if victory is assured. They believe it is the greatest honor to battle against a great predator one on one and slay it. Their love and imitation is also reflected in their shapeshifting and glamour magick that they use to either appear as, or turn into animals for a short time. They traveled along the upper foothills of Othard's Northern mountains. They moved camp every two weeks or so, keeping their presence hidden through powerful glamours that their 'spell-weavers' would cast every time they made camp. The only interaction they had with other tribes were in guerrilla-style hit and run raids for supplies and food. When they would come into proximity with another tribe, they would carefully scout it and deem whether it was significantly stronger, or weaker than their own. If the tribe was significantly weaker than them they would raid it, but if stronger, they would avoid all contact and conceal themselves. This isolationism has created an even more tightly knit social paradigm within the tribe. The magick of their tribe was limited to powerful glamour and shapeshifting magick that they believe was handed down to them by the Dusk Mother herself. These spell-weavers were responsible for concealing the tribe's camp, and transforming tribe members into various animals which they referred to as 'spiritshifting'. Their uses of spiritshifting ranged from scouting to gathering to a certain few of their warriors who preferred to go into battle as powerful beasts. Spiritshifting into any intelligent race is forbidden as they believe it borrows a creature's soul. They traveled to the land of Doma to assist them in their rebellion against the Empire at the behest of one of their own who had left the tribe to dwell there. When the Empire retaliated, they lost more than half of their tribe and now number around two score in number. They fled with the Doman refugees and now dwell in Revenant's Toll under the guise of Hyurs under Doman orders to keep a low profile. Weary of city life, they long to return to their traditional ways and are scouting for a way to cross the Ishgardian border and disappear into the wild Northlands.
  2. I thought I'd like to throw my hat in the ring of this discussion as my character's story for his race change involved glamours, but his appearance wasn't hidden by a glamour. Let me explain. His tribe has had a magic passed down for generations immemorial that they call spell-weaving, but it's essentially glamour magick. It's what they specialize in, and much of their behaviours as a tribe revolve around this. Since they arrived in Eorzea with the Domans, their spellweavers have kept the entire tribe glamoured as Hyur as to not cause a stir in Eorzea. They've been working in Revenant's Toll, assisting with whatever they can, but mostly building. However, it is a temporary solution for them. They have to be very careful not to give away themselves with their glamours. (i.e. make sure your tail/horns don't brush up against someone and make them suspicious you're not who you appear to be) and also careful not to put themselves in a situation where their glamour might be dispelled. (I.e., since many of the males are involved in construction, they handle all of their materials very carefully. Drop that block of stone/heavy wood on your foot/hands/head and your glamour would be dispelled, so they're *very* careful.) They're currently investigating into how they can smuggle across the Ishgardian border into the harsher northlands. Now the tribe also have another magick that is even more closely guarded, and that is essentially, shapeshifting through blood magick. It's not a big stretch since we've seen this happen in the 2.0 MSQ with the Insquisitor who changed into a dragon, was able to fight as one. I.e., it was not easily dispelled by combat. And every time a heretic turns into an Aevis, they use a 'Blood of the dragon' spell. So I ran with that concept. I made it my own of course, with a way to reverse it. Now his tribe only uses this shapeshifting for shifting into animals. They believe that doing so borrows the creature's soul, so shapeshifting into another person is forbidden, as it is seen as stealing their soul. In Kairei's case, his mother broke the rules when away from her tribe, and kept it a secret. Recently when his tribe has recontacted him, one of the leaders in the tribe has demanded that if he wants to have any association with the tribe, he must reverse his transformation. So that's why he will be changing back. Anyway, that's a brief summary of my character's Au Ra transformation, and I thought I would put out the idea of blood magick being the reason for a person's hidden appearance for someone still on the fence as to how to handle their race change, as opposed to straight up glamour.
  3. Aye, but once a source is used, then it cannot be used by any other for quite a long time. Do you really want to have *that* argument with another RP'er? 'I used it!' 'No I used it first!'
  4. Thought this was relevant. Different video game in the background, but same message applies.
  5. See this is where I think people undercomplicate TP. I don't see TP as a 'well, we need some mechanic to control non-mages, so have a tp bar.' I see TP lore wise as physical exertion, or stamina. It makes sense. Use more powerful attacks? Use more TP. Running out of TP? Use Inivigorate. (not that I'm saying Invigorate itself is a lore skill, but rather just the idea of someone drawing on some source to invigorate themselves). It seems to me that everything we're shown and taught lore wise seems to indicate that Chakra is used to distribute energy through your body to perform extraordinary feats of power. So 'to me' it seems like Chakra is not expended like mage spells, but rather just moving around power throughout your body, similar to the Eastern concept of Chi. Think of it as, if you could for an instant, transfer the power of your legs into your fist, and combine it with the energy there. Now just imagine if you had 7 seats of power in your body, how much power you could pack into that punch. As to Chakra and opening it through pure discipline, so far we're not given a time frame, but remember, the point of the 2.0 questline is Widargelt trying to find ancient batttlefields so he can achieve the 'legendary' 7th Chakra. So if activating all 7 chakra through discipline alone is 'legendary' then, it stands to reason that it must usually take quite a long time to open even one Chakra. Unless of course the more Chakra you open, the more difficult it gets? Anyway, I wouldn't get *too* set on our ideas besides the basics we know (that Chakra are points within the body that release power) we're about to get another questline for each job, each detailing more lore! Who knows that this could change/adjust how we see it! Ex. Forbidden Chakra, what is this? EDIT: I just saw that the post above me more eloquently put what I was meaning to say, as in cycling the energy through the body. Looks like we're all on the same page.
  6. Oh, I just wanted to point out that as the quote in one of the first posts on this thread says, using battlefields to open Chakra is basically the 'shortcut' since it takes so long to open a chakra through normal discipline and focus. This is why a monk who has all 7 open chakra is so rare, since battlefields can only be used once every so long while (they never specify how long, just that it takes a long time for the aether there to resettle for a monk to use it again). And if you were to try and open all 7 chakra the traditional way, the Monk quests make it seem as if that would be very unlikely to be accomplished in the average person's lifetime. However, just being in training to try and open *one* Chakra is enough to qualify one as a monk. For example, my main character is a monk of the Second Chakra. I'm pretty certain the amount of open Chakra points determines your base power level as a monk. It seems to me that the Monk Questline indicates this, but it's not spelled out.
  7. See, I'm in what is probably the odd minority of people who would like to have a gun tanking job ala Rihtahtyn sas Arvina with big shield-gun-arms lol.
  8. I had a feeling someone might make a poke at me for calling an M-16 expensive. And yeah, I see your point Kayllen. Logically it wouldn't make sense. But hey, this is SE here, so for all we know we'll get to Garlemald and they'll be like, "Gunblades galore cause they're KOOL!". Only reason I bring that up as a possiblity is at PAX East, someone asked Yoshi-P about gunblades, and how it doesn't seem Machinist uses them, (echoing their disappointment) and he said something to the effect of, "Well, this isn't the only gun job we'll come out with, so don't give up hope."
  9. I had a thought while keeping up with this thread. First point, someone pointed out that Garlemald developed their technology out of pressure to level the playing field between themselves and other nations, as they had no ability to use Aether. And someone else pointed out that we have only seen officers within the Garlean military use personal projectile weapons, questioning whether it's really a common weapon used within the Garlean military. But haven't almost all of the soldiers we've seen so far been conscripts? We know this due the magical nature of their abilities, as well as their physiological makeup. So then it stands to reason that it is possible that the reason we haven't seen common firearm use by Garlean soldiers is simply because those soldiers didn't need them. Think about it, if you have a conscript with naturally powerful talents, equal or surpassing to the military strength of your technology, why would you waste the time and resources to teach them to use your advanced technology? I think of it as if I was training recruits who were X-mutants. Why would I teach them to fire an expensive M-16 when they can naturally use 'magic'. Because of this theory, I suspect that when/if we get an expansion that takes us against the main Garlean force (remember, we've only seen a fraction of their military) we will see firearms used by the homeland pure blooded Garlean soldiers. Thoughts?
  10. My main will be race-changing to Au Ra, and it will be magical in nature. To be fair though, I've planned this since we saw the presence of a new race in 2.2 and designed my entire backstory around it. I didn't know what race it would be and personally swung between Viera or Burmecian in my theories until 2.4, upon which I figured dragon people (like most did) only to be disproven recently with Yoshi-P confirming that they are not draconic in nature, but rather demonic. When they were revealed, I was just happy that the physical appearance was something that I enjoyed. So I actually didn't decide to race-change for aesthetic reasons, but because when I read Yugiri's inital story, it fit with some of what I had already decided for my character's backstory and where I went with things from there just ... clicked.
  11. The only thing I would caution about someone wanting to play 'native' Au Ra is that it may come back around to bite you in the ass. The text is quite clear that as it says, "the Xaela are free spirits who roam the *vast western steppe*" Not, they're nomads that travel all over the world, but rather specifies a specific place. I'm not telling anyone they can't rp a Xaela tribe that moved to Eorzea in ancient times past, but I'm warning you that it's highly unlikely that the lore will ever support you in that. All in all though, whatever story you're using for your Au Ra, make it well thought out! Even if your story is similar to someone else, as long as you carefully crafted it yourself, why does it matter? Distinct =/= best. That's like me saying that my existence in real life is boring because I'm a white male from the United States. Sure, there are a lot of people like me, with similar backgrounds to me, but that doesn't make my story any less unique.
  12. Well yes, I know the references you're referring to, but I saw it as if a thm bottoms out so that they can't even cast an ice spell, or sometimes two, to move themselves into Umbral ice, then they could use an ether to boost them to the point to cast that spell. And when it refers to withdrawing when your reserves are spent, that it means withdrawing until your umbral ice has sufficiently replenished your reserves to move back into Astral Fire. I'd spoiler myself, but I don't know hot to make that script work.
  13. Also I'd like to note that much of our THM lore are stabs in the dark, since the 1.0 THM lore was basically retconned. It's ignored in 2.0, and 2.0 emphasizes elements, vs in 1.0 THM didn't use elements, and was Astral/Umbral, Life/Death, Light/Dark. So basically what I've done, and most of the people I've rp'd with saw it the same way, so I didn't even realize it was different with others. (Yay for diversity! ) was simply taking the basics of how the job worked, based off of the actual in-game mechanics. I completely understand if someone sees it differently however, seeing as how vague the game is. But in regard to the THM's using ether, it seemed like it was just a boost to their mana, not something that was depleted. I didn't see anything in the THM quests that indicated them depleting their resources, and then sitting around for it to regenerate. Especially since we know rp-wise, aether doesn't naturally refill very quickly, in any body.
  14. As to how thaumaturgy works, it's in relation to game mechanics of how much mana thaumaturgy uses in relation to other magick spells. Also how their personal mana depletes quickly, then refills. Also energy is not infinite, therefore thaumaturges *must* have a source for their mana, else lore-wise it would be noted that they can only cast spells for a certain duration of time, which we know is not the case. So you're right, much of thaumaturge's mechanic lore is based in-game, not in quests. But until I have anything to contradict that, I will stick with that interpretation. Especially since SE in general does a good job of keeping in-game mechanics in line with the lore for said job. As to conjury, we know that spells such as cures aren't immediately dangerous to use without leaning on nature from the conjurer quests. Sylphie casts conjurer spells using her own mana for at least weeks, maybe longer, before she feels ill effects. And her mother even longer. Personally with my character, he has an extremely low mana pool, so the only spells he can cast without feeling mana-deprivation effects is arcany. From what I understand from my arcanist lore friends, arcany uses a spark of your own aether to guide the aether around you through the enchanted ink, which amplifies it. But that's another, very interesting subject. Was just talking with my S/O actually about how interesting it is that theoretically, I think a conjurer/thaum could use their magic without their weapon, while an ACN would be totally screwed if you took their grimoire away.
  15. Thought I'd add on to clarify that aether used for spells takes time to dispel back into the lifestream. This is why the astral era was needed, to give time for the aether to absorb back into the lifestream. And why since then, BLM and WHM has been primarily banned. You can have a few members using that much power, but if more than a few, you have more aether coming out than is going back in. Also in reference to THM/BLM being the same concept, keep in mind that all jobs are simply more complex derivations of their base class. They keep the same types of action, but with advanced techniques tacked on. Examine for yourself and you'll see. Also, a few cures now and then won't hurt anyone. It's the constant use that becomes an issue. However, for a thaumaturge, they could cast cure like no tomorrow if they like, as long as they take the time to refill. The issue with cnj is that they don't have any kind of spell to recover their own mana. Only whm does, and that's an advanced secret technique, like all whm, and it still takes time.
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