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Joined this place a while back but only just recently decided to start poking around! :}


I'm coming in from WoW (WrA-Horde) and GW2 (Tarnished Coast). I'm known as Annaveil on those games and on Enjin, if I happen to know anyone here!


Super excited to get into the game and start writing up a story. My character is Eve Nightingale! Uh. She has zero background at the moment, since I know very little about the lore of this place. Slowly working on it though!


Good to meet all of you guys!

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Greetings, Annaveil!


You've come to the right place, as far as a resource to potentially flesh out your character's concept, as there are several active forum threads going on at any one time regarding the various races, background lore, etc :)


Good luck with your concept, hope to see the finished product in game :thumbsup:

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Belated welcome! I actually remember you from early GW2 from one of Historia's weekly history classes in the Palace Gardens. Seeing a lot of Tarnished Coast alums here. Makes our community seem strangely small huh? I played professor Heron Wren at the time, though I never expect anyone to remember me since I ran so many alts in that game. But good impressions always stick in my mind!

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Welcome Annaveil! We didn't play on the same server in GW2 but I always like seeing people join that I have a common interest with - though I will admit I enjoyed WvWvW way too much and didn't spend enough time RPing in that game (played on Jade Quarry since the start of the game and mostly PvPed). Now I get to make up for it in ARR. Woot! Anyways I hope I get to run into you on one of my Balmung alts one of these days. :cactuar:

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