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Fire in the sky, [Backstory] [OOC welcome]

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[OOC]: This is just a bit of Morelle Noire's backstory. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to FF lore so I apologize in advance for any lore faux pas. More will be posted on the aftermath at a later date. Enjoy.



"Morelle Poisson. Mrs. Poisson." Morelle wrinkled her nose, the words leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. In a matter of hours that would be her surname and  she would have saved the dwindling lineage of Clan Noire. Since Nymeia had not blessed her father with a son to carry on the bloodline, it was now Morelle's obligation to marry and bear children.  Father would have preferred to pass on the name instead and often made it a point to vocalize that fact. 

Morelle flopped down on her cot in a hopeless huff. 'He's a nice enough man,' she mused. 'Just not for me.' 


Determined not to fall asleep so that the next day would would come later rather than sooner, Morelle picked herself off the cot and decided to enjoy what she saw as her last night of unwed freedom.


Night in the shroud was a symphony of life. From every direction and miles around, the creatures sang their aria to all of Eorzea.  

Morelle walked with quiet feet through the maze of towering trees and thick underbrush, until she came to a small stream surrounded by moss laden boulders.


'What if I just don't go back? Father will be angry, but in time he'll understand. Mother is always forgiving she knows how I feel about all of this. Gervaux Poisson...he can get any woman he wants. He'll be married to another in no time at all.' 


Morelle slumped against a nearby tree trunk at the edge of the stream. The idea of running was ridiculous but not altogether unappealing. She gazed into the stream, peering at her rippling moonlit reflection. 


"Nymeia, have pity on me. If it is woven for me to marry, I will not argue. Please, either bless this marriage or curse it by ending the arrangement." She prayed aloud.


No sooner had she spoken the words, Morelle saw a streak of amber reflected in the stream water. Startled, she turned her attention to the sky.  Another ball of amber shot across the sky before her heartbeat could return to its normal pace. It was heading to the north, towards the city of Gridania. The trail disappeared with a brilliant flash of light as it made impact. 


Morelle stood frozen at what had just occurred. 'Something's wrong.Something is very wrong.'

Before she could gather her thoughts, several orbs all spewing in different directions began shooting across the sky landing in various locations. 


Morelle began running at the fastest speed she could muster with little regard for subtlety. Answers would come later, first she had to see to the safety of her clan. As she ran, a bellowing roar cracked across the night sky with a ferocity her ears had never heard before.


Wave after wave of fire laced orbs assaulted the landscape, the sky no longer in placid darkness but ablaze with violent light. It was as if the very stars had waged war on Eorzea herself.


 Finally, Morelle reached her clans cavern only to find it dark and abandoned. 

Morelle shouted for her parents over the echoing bombardment, hoping someone would hear her but she received no response.


She turned to leave the cavern when a great ball of light came hurling toward her. She quickly threw herself from the cavern mouth, the fireball missing her by inches. Morelle choked as she forced herself to stand, the force from her landing had taken her breath away.


Limping along, she knew she had no choice but to find sanctuary. Even if that meant leaving the Shroud.

All around her, the land burned and the sky was cloaked in thick smoke. In her mind she thought that this was what the Seven Hells must  look like. 

Morelle stumbled through the Shroud for what might have been hours, her feet begging for rest and her parched throat gasping for water and fresh air. She only hoped that she wasn't wandering in circles. 


'Pray for them, Morelle. You will make it, but pray that your clan does too.' A small voice echoed inside her mind.

Dropping to her knees, Morelle weakly put her hands together and closed her eyes. Her thoughts so disheveled that she didn't hear the bough above her snap. She only uttered the word, "Nymeia.." before her world was enveloped in darkness.

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