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Playstation 3?

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Okay so, I figured I'd just make a thread on this so I can get an idea of what I'm getting myself into.


I typically game MMOs on my laptop, but given the age of the thing (pushing 5) and it's low benchmark score of 1923 on the LOWEST graphic settings, it cannot run FFXIV:ARR.


Knowing this, I took my Gen 1 PS3 (lolfat80GBversion), which had been nothing more than a $600 paperweight for the last few years, and resolved to use that.


Given that PS3's are fairly powerful in hardware power, I thought I would run the game with no issue. Right? ...RIGHT?!


No seriously, right? I'm asking. From what I understand, the PS3 experiences fair slow-down in heavily populated areas. Not to mention that I've been reading some horror story reviews of players and monsters not loading at all.


Can anyone whom has beta tested on a PS3 give me some feedback? Is this thing going to run better than my laptop's low score? If so, where would you rate it compared to an average PC? Am I going to encounter loading errors such as other players and enemies not loading?


I mean I have a really decent internet connection. But I REALLY want to play, so this stuff worries me.

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Don't worry! I played on PS3 during beta and it was fine! you can expect some lag here and there and pop ins but nothing gamebreaking. The graphics aren't as good as the pc's naturally but it still looks great! The only thing I had trouble in the beginning with was just getting used to the control scheme but it becomes second nature after that! 


hope I helped!:D

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I'm playing on a newer slim version with 160GB.

I haven't had any issues with my PS3 during the beta testing. Only some minor lagging in the more populated areas. But it's barely noticeable to me.  


I used to play FFXI back in the day on my PS2 with dail-up (thankfully I now have some DSL) and it worked back then with just lagging issues in town. xD;


I would think as long as you have a decent internet connection, you'll be fine.

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I've played on a PS3 in the past--it was an 160GB Slim model, but it didn't have any issues. FATEs tend to get a little hectic because of all the particles and spell effects flying around, but you should be fine. I'd estimate loading times for zones are between five to ten seconds. The graphics are a little "worse" from what I've heard, as far as textures go. But I'm not one to ask about that specifically. I didn't have too much lag in cities, but the loads in the cities could change with beta.


Frame rate is also locked to 30.


The general consensus is that a PS3 is alright if you have no other options, or just would not prefer to use a PC for Windows. My computer does not run Windows, so I'm buying the PS3 version and waiting for the PS4, like some others here.


If not having the utmost graphical fidelity doesn't bother you, you should be alright. You can use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard for chat as well.

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I see. Well, thank you all very much for your input. You have assured me a little bit at the least.


I'd be lying if I said I still wasn't a bit worried. But I suppose it'll have to do until I can get myself a PS4.


Thanks for the posts guys. :thumbsup:

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