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Baltazar's Favor (Inactive)


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After that last "job" you decide to lay low in Limsa-Lominsa. No one would assume to look for you here, especially when the guards are more likely to keep their eyes on the well-known pirates that frequent this port city. Besides, you heard whispers of a mysterious group that has docked here. You think that maybe you can find some new "opportunities". Providing you can find out who they are.


But first you want to head to the market area. After that last encounter you need to replenish some supplies and maybe see about getting your weapon repaired. You look around and try to get your bearings. There are a few people walking about and the city seems quite alive. You can hear the sea all around you and the air seems crisp. You rub your hands together, ready for some interesting activities today.




Baltazar's Favor is a mature, close-knit role-playing guild that strives to enjoy and explore all the aspects of Final Fantasy XIV and above all promote friendship, humility and respect to each other.


  • Language: English
  • Primary Time Zone: NA & EU
  • Server: TBD
  • Leaders: Kashemia(Seraj) - Iroh(Dal) - Averis(Azia)
  • Website: http://baltazarsfavor.mmoguildsites.com
  • Game-play Style: Casual / Moderate (real life comes first)
  • Role-play Style: Moderate / Heavy
  • Guild Chat: OOC
  • IC Headquarters: The good ship Baltazarâs Favor, usually docked at Limsa Lominsa.
  • IC Element: Mainly using blackmail to employ shady characters to do good deeds, but there are many ways one can find themselves working for Baltazar's Favor.
  • Cross-Guild Interaction: Very open to other RP guilds. Especially since we'll be small.
  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Application Criteria: Closed until launch
  • Rules: Find what we offer and are looking for here: How to join.


bf_bullet.pngGeneral Goals:


  • Baltazar's Favor seeks to provide a close-knit atmosphere where everyone who logs on is someone you are happy to see and they are happy to see you. Since we are a guild of friends and like to play with friends, we don't accept open applications. Instead we invite friends that we make as we go to keep our roaster full of intelligent, mature, fun loving, skilled players and role-players. We never want anyone to feel lost in the crowd, or that they're "that Templar we needed to fill out the second party". Every member is a family member.


  • Even though we have guild leaders and officers (if needed), we like to keep things democratic. Everyone should feel and know that they have a say in the guild. The leaders are mainly here to handle the day-to-day business, make sure events are made, etc., and handle conflicts should they arise.


  • We want to avoid OOC drama. While conflicts can happen and are at times unavoidable, we expect our members to handle them in a mature and sensible way that doesn't disrupt others, and show understanding for each other.


  • Though we are a role-play centric guild we also are here to play the game. We absolutely love a good dungeon crawl and advancing our characters like any one else.



bf_bullet.pngRoleplay Goals:


  • As a role-play guild we tend to remain in-character most of the time in public channels. (/say for example). We wish to keep our reputation as a role-play guild in the foremost of our public image.


  • We seek to keep a close relationship with other role-play guilds on our server. As a small guild being involved with the role-play community is important.


  • Baltazar's Favor respects the lore of the game. We have no characters from outer space, vampires, gods, robots, demons and etc. We also have no level 5 Highlanders who can "own" the character you've worked on for six months because his character sheet says so. We greatly prefer that characters grow and make a name for themselves through active role-play rather than from a line on your character sheet. The guild's stance is "Role-play through the game, not above the game".



bf_bullet.pngOther Information:


  • Guild Chat: In game guild chat will usually be OOC. Since we're all friends, we love to chat together. We do not believe that active OOC communication in any way deters from role-play.


  • Vent: We currently don't have a chat server, but if we do get one it will never be required and preference will never be shown for those that use vent over those who don't.


  • Alts: Alts are welcome as long as there is room within the guild for them and that they have a story that fits with the guild. Inactive alts are first to be removed if needed.

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We're currently looking at the applications we have standing, and we're likely to start inviting people as soon as we find everyone in game and such :)

So feel free to drop us an application and come chat on our forum.


For the future though, might I refer you to our thread in the pub if you have questions? It might not be in the first page, but it's there somewhere :P

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Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, many of the members of BF have decided to move on from Final Fantasy XIV. I have closed the applications for now. Many members agreed that we would look at the game again at a later date.


Until then enjoy your time in Eorzea or wherever you find yourself.

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