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What Do I Need To Know About Lore

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The title of this thread pretty much says it all: I am completely new to FFXIV and Eorzea, so I'm utterly unfamiliar with the lore here. So, I wanted to come to the FFXIV RP community site that I've seen linked so many times, to come to ask:


What do I need to know about the lore in Eorzea?


I realize listing everything would be impossible, but what key event points are there? Alternatively, is there some sort of lore wiki site that I'd be able to browse for what I need to know?


Or, if there's already a popular thread made similar to this one, could anyone provide a link to it?

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Here's a few things:


FFXIV 1.0 Primer


Depending on your interests, there are posts on: (In either RP or FFXIV sections)


Miqo'te culture

DW culture

Garlean culture/weapons



And be sure to check out the Wiki link just below the Website title.



Gah, thank you so much. That is pretty much exactly what I was looking for--and since I'm so unfamiliar with the site and its layout I glanced right over the wiki button. I feel a little silly now! x.x


Thank you again!

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Since Kyatai covered the links, only thing I figure I can throw down here is just for you to nose around to the best of your ability with what is available. Bottom line, if you can't find lore on a subject, and you're genuinely curious about something, just post! Don't be afraid at all to post questions, as that's one of the major reasons we're all here.


There are plenty of us that will go out of our way to enlighten people on lore as needed. I know I do my best to dump my brain on any questions that pop up if some one doesn't beat me to them. So please, ask questions when you need to, and we'll be more than happy to give you specific insight into whatever it is you're curious about.

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