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Hello Everyone!

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I want to wish a fond hello to everyone here at the Hydaelyn RP coalition forums. I've actually been guesting on this site for about a month now and figured it was about time to start contributing (and not being so shy). It is nice to see a site dedicated towards trying to unite and organize those who RP within the Final Fantasy community.


As for a little of my background with gaming, mainly in the MMO front; I've played a ton of MMOs.

- World of Warcraft

- Tabula Rasa

- Final Fantasy 11

- Guild Wars 2 (and Guild Wars)

- Star Wars: The Old Republic

- Rift

- Aion

- Lord of the Rings: Online

- and plenty of them free-to-play kind :)


My RP experience for in-game MMO's comes from mainly Rift, LoTRO and Tabula Rasa; But outside of gaming I've been RP'ing for almost 16 years now on various forums and through chat-clients like AIM, Yahoo, MSN etc.


When it comes to FF14: ARR I am actually not sure how deep I want to take RP'ing. The world is very immersive, so I have a feeling I will end up going Medium/Heavy. As for my character, Fiona Swift, she actually is a character I created on the spot when tinkering with the character benchmark tool. I plan to do a wiki page for her which would outline her history.


As for myself.. I enjoy astronomy and physics, gaming, helping others, I love computers and have built a few myself... and I love music. Rock, Metal, Folk .. mostly everything but Rap and Country oddly. My favorite kind is Composed / Symphonic (orchestra)



Anyhow... Hello to everyone. Please feel free to send me messages or ask questions.

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Hello and welcome to the RPC! If you have any questions and haven't found the answers you're looking for in the threads up in the forums then feel free to start one or you can message me and I'll try my best to help. Looking forward to meeting your character in-game sometime. :D

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Kyatai, if you keep offering everyone pie as they walk in the door...at least let them put their bags down first :lol: !


Tabla Rasa...now there's a name I've not thought about in a while *looks over at the collector's edition box over on the shelf*. Isn't it nice that FFXIV got a new lease on life with ARR, instead of suffering the same sorry fate :dodgy:


Sure looks like you'll fit in just nicely...resume seems to be in order here :P. Can't wait to see the wiki, look forward to meeting your character in game :thumbsup:

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