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Hello World!

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Hello everyone!


So this is my first time posting here being a brand newperson and all. Hi!


This isn’t my first time to the RP rodeo. I've played MMOsfor years and years. I do some tabletop RP, (most recently the delightfully vicious Shadowrun), board games and am an old school Final Fantasy advocate (IV and VI are kings of their genre).


RP is the biggest attraction for MMOs. I’m usually foreverthe DM, so I don’t get the chance in my tabletop settings to just be a player and experience a world. Being able to coexist, communicate and create new stories are what got me into MMOs. I love meeting new people in the game, love a great structured story setting and just love RP drama.


I adore working with people with their characters. Bouncingideas, building history, even the little small personality traits.


I’m a HUGE art buff. I’m content spending hours looking atnew techniques, talking to new artists and just pushing skill sets. It’s pretty easy for me to do a drawing or ten, especially if there is an art trade or commission involved. Feel free to connect with me on art and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll have a thread up later.


 I’m also a big Japanesehero nerd, specifically Tokusatsu. Even more specifically Kamen Rider, there’s an aesthetic of a lonely hero on the road working to destroy evil that I find incredibly appealing.



Soooo, that’s about it. I’m looking forward to meeting allof you and your characters!

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Welcome from another Keeper here.


I also enjoy building characters--personalities, histories, inner workings.... and, albeit to a much lesser degree, settings. I don't have any tabletop experience, but I've helped some people with designing characters and usually set the "rules" or led the past forum RPs I did elsewhere. I'm sure you have some interesting ideas.


I used to do "art" myself but have abandoned the practice due to low self-consideration--I'm more of a colorist than someone who draws.

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Welcome aboard, Suisei'to! I am a fellow Keeper of the Moon as well :D


I'm sure your DM experience would come in handy running an RP event. Have you tried that in any of your previous MMOs?

Yup, sure have. Weekly events where I ran a bar, a full school system, several guilds. I tend to go all in when I get into a community I enjoy.

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Heya!  Welcome to the forum :)  As stated above there are tons and tons of artists on here sharing ideas and commissions.  I'd direct you to the Artisan House where a lot of those posts are made.  Hope to see your artwork soon and meet you in game!

Thanks for the cross link! Yeah I'm going to get some sketches done this afternoon and post them up.

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