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Youmacon, Detroit MI

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Nice! I live and work in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area, so Canton's a hop, skip and a jump away!


Unfortunately, it's one of the last great things in Detroit (other than a lot of the monuments and hidden buildings...) But it looks like the Con really does well. My girlfriend has been there from the start and this year will be my first!

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Texas, California, and Washington seem to be the most popular states I always hear. I've met maybe three people who gamed in Michigan in Everquest 2, and met one of them IRL; other than that, you never really hear much of Michigan from other players -.-;.


Then again, without asking directly, it just never seems to come up, except in odd forums like these =P

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I'm shooting for Akihiko from Persona 4 and possibly something from Pokemon (Trainer or Breeder).


Girlfriend is still undecided on a P4 character, and unsure about Pokemon >.< We're both debating on whether or not to do a third or do a costume that was well recieved for the third day.

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