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multi plateform crossplay?

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pc users and ps3 players will be able to play with eachother right?


Yes sir. This is actually the reason the game isn't releasing on Xbox 360, Microsoft was against sharing servers. So, seeing as Yoshi-P didn't want to divide the community based on platform? He game them the middle finger.


Good question though, I asked the same thing awhile back seeing as my friends and girlfriend all have up to par PCs, and there is no way my lousy laptop can run ARR.


My PS3 on the other hand... :thumbsup:

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PS4 and XBOX ONE eventually will get ports as well and will be able to play on the same servers (as far as we know currently)


You sure about that? I know PS4 is getting a port but I can't find ANYTHING saying the Xbox One will be getting one as well. Source maybe?

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I need to double check but I'm pretty sure it was (Unfortunately) mentioned at E3


Edit: I apologize.  It is Kingdom Hearts III and it will be XB1 in JP only.  XIV is currently not under considerations "at this time".


Still just as horrifying. M..Mu-muh... Muh Kinduhm Hurts. :cry:


I am actually a little surprised that SE is crossporting Kingdom Hearts III to a microsoft console. I expected Wii U if anything due to all the handheld ports on the GBA, DS, and 3DS.

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