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Alright, I suck with talking about myself, but I am forcing myself to do it for the sake of all you who wanna know who I am! You can call me Blaze OOCly it's a nickname I was given in some years back. I played about 3 MMOs actively and for a decent period of time Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, and Guild Wars 2! FFXI and WoW I have played for over 4 years each, so I guess you can say I've been playing MMOs for a little over a decade...damn that's almost half my life, time sure flies.


I forgot to mention on all of those games I have RPed a fair amount, though I was on and off with it late WoW/GW2. I generally love RP, but have a hard time creating my character I fall in love with. Also, despite my love for RP and about 8 years of experience with it, I'm still not the best with grammar and punctuation. Though I am sure many understand and don't mind, it's always been something I've wanted to improve on. Anyway I'm in the midst of trying to find a name for my new Highlander so you may see me change user names and avatars! Just know that Chance/Vance are the names I am choosing between, so either one should be me.


P.S. Someone give me their opinion on last names for highlanders I like Vinders, but I know that Highlanders commonly have warlike last names so I have other names like Steelgrip in my mind.

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Yep going with Vinders then, and thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Now it's just a matter of tweaking his look till I am satisfied. Let me know if there is anything you need! I'm glad to be a part of this great community. :thumbsup:

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I'm with this guy! I've known Blaze here for like seven years, since we met in role play on WoW. Bounced around similar games and now we've come to haunt the RPC and Ezorea.


So you all will have to put up with us :thumbsup:


And I, too, am glad to be a part of the community and look forward to contributing as much as I can!

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