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Dogberry's music thread

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OK, so I've started a bit of a music project where I wanted to write songs that would be sung in Eorzea. I'm a big fan of filk music, and the songs I like best feel like they come from a natural place in the universe they're about.


For this song, I wrote it up pretty quick, actually. In a nod to Final Fantasy 7, I borrowed the chord progression from "Anxious Hearts". The song is from the perspective of someone who lost a person very dear to them in the calamity, and is haunted by traces of the memories that have been erased. I put it up on my tumblr here:




Forgive the roughness of it, I recorded it right after I wrote it so I wouldn't forget it. Once I get the song down perfect, I will record it on better equipment. Also, forgive my mushmouth singing.


I don't have a title for this one yet. If you can think of one, I'd be happy to use it.

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Here are some lyrics I've been working on. I'll get some music written up soon enough. This one's not nearly as much of a downer as the last one. I wanted to write a song like the one Gurney Halleck sang in the Dune books. I've never found a better example of the warrior troubadour than Gurney Halleck.


This one is called "Gridanian Girls."


Ul'dahnese girls, so lovely in silk,

And Limsa Lominsan skin fairer than milk,

Each lasses' caress,

I must confess,

They set my heart aflutter,

And when we go to Ala Mihgo,

My affections stray to another,

At Ishgardians fair,

I may stop to stare,

There must be something in the water

But none of these beauties,

Can ever compare,

To a fine Gridanian daughter!


I find them the best,

By Nophica blessed

With temperament,

Beauty and charm!

And, to me, at least,

I always find peace,

When held by

Gridanian arms.

Or so I say,

It must be that way,

For if I didn't,

They'd bring me to harm.

Oh Gridanian lasses,

forgive our tresspasses,

Your beds are so soft and so warm.


At the conjurer's guild,

My heart was filled,

By a sweet sister

of the Shroud,

Our heads in the clouds,

Our love was too loud,

Oh my love was ever strong-willed.

But on I did move

Her father didn't approve

So tears in our eyes,

We made our goodbyes,

And her memory I promptly removed.

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New song, based on RP of my alt character Fresh Bread's first time in Soliloquy and meeting Xenedra.


She was kissed by fire,

And I was kissed by her.

Such intensity she held,

The heat against my skin,

I swore Ifrit raged inside.

But no beast in her,

Did I ever find.

Only arms held open wide.


She was held in luxury,

And I was held by her.

Me, a pilgrim to her lands,

And she offered such comforts

Touches soft as sweet whispers,

But no rest with her,

Would I ever find,

Only softest sighs and purrs.


One night of destiny,

Our melodies so fine,

Her purposes for me,

I could not divine.

She taught me new desire

And then made me to stir,

For she was kissed by fire,

And I was kissed by her.


I have chords for this one, I just need to pad it out a little.

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