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Like dubstep music? Heres a playlist!

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Here is a dubstep playlist i put together on YouTube. Dunno who out there likes dubstep.. But hey, I suppose I will find out soon.


Spent a few hours a while ago putting this together and it resulted in a 140~ song, 10 hour playlist. Put that thing on shuffle and never worry about hitting the same song over again.


If you enjoy it, let me know! Maybe it will keep you busy or distracted until phase 4 comes out. Anything to keep me from realizing the withdrawal. Must. Have. FF. :frustrated:



Also, if you don't like Dubstep.. What kind of music do you like?! :D

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did someone say... dubstep? *begins to hunt down music files and favs*


In-case you all have not noticed, I am a giant music lover! :bouncy:












* my personal favorite.. this song just hits you randomly out of left field when it decides to actually kick the dubstep in; so give it a chance to build


** and just because I love you all :evil:


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That's absolutely true. Maybe it's because their voices contrast much better against the harsh drops, I'm not sure.

My friend records music/mixes/etc. and he said the same thing, so that is probably it.


Let me know if you know of any good songs that aren't on that list, and I'll add them haha :)

did someone say... dubstep?   *begins to hunt down music files and favs*

In-case you all have not noticed, I am a giant music lover!  :bouncy:


Snipped the vids.


:P Nice. If you check my character's wiki, at the bottom there is his 'battle hymns' that I think he would play or basically fit the theme of him in combat. xD They are instrumentals though.


But yeah. Music is amazing. Especially dubstep.


Oh, and. :bouncy: <- That is the best smiley face EVER created. E.V.E.R.

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Those are some good songs you've chosen!   The Power of Darkness release by TSFH is just amazing!!   Good choice for the battle hymn :)    It's funny... now when I see Night Elves or music related to them I keep thinking back this video


Oh nice, I like it :D

I might have to add that to his battle hymns! It has a flute in it!~

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btw that is a very epic playlist you got there Felix!

Thank yoouuu :D


I love music, it really moves me and I'd be so lost without it, so I like sharing it too.


It's great to know I'm not the only person on Hydaelyn who loves Dubstep xD

I'm not getting any sleep tonight, haha! I'm loving this.

Glad you like the playlist! Feel free to favorite it and listen to it over and over and over and over and over like I do~




It's all bookmarked, liked, and will definitely be played a lot, haha!

It is certainly used to the abuse, so don't feel bad.


Oh? and if you find a song you want to repeat again and again and again?..Simply add repeat into the youtube url right after Youtube, before the .com. It will send you to a listen on repeat site and keep playing it until your ears bleed.



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