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  1. The crack on the far side of the chamber had spread among the thousands of years of isolation. As time passed by, the crack had slowly begun to expand above the initial laceration to the wall made all of those years ago. Due to the lack of upkeep, the feature had crawled the entire way to the top. It was impossible to see from the distance that the young man and Captain of the Roehmerl were from the end of the room, but one did not have to be seen to be felt. Such was the source of the groaning noise from before, unknown to them. "We should move, Ryanti, we should go right now. Wherever
  2. Ryanti listened to her as he loosened the little criss-crosses in his laces, desiring to tighten them up to the kind of pristine amount of tightness that he was mildly obsessed with. Despite her words that seemed to carry as much of anger and irritation as did the weight on her shoulders, there was some truth in them. That he could not deny. Yet despite the tone of her letting off some steam, it was quite observant of him to note that while it impacted the atmosphere in terms of the mood, it did not lessen his image of her in his mind nor the image of the world around him. It made sense.
  3. Prologue: He placed the gil coins that were spared of being placed inside of his pouch next to one of the draft barrels in the tavern. The amber lights didn't help his eyes adjust to light in the slightest. He still felt like he was moving slowly, having recently awoken at an odd hour in order to try to get as much sleep as possible before he was to embark upon a journey. A kind of journey that he was used to, but not the kind of company he had ever been with before. He had told her that he desired to go with her, but for no fuss to be made about it either. Ryanti was never a someone w
  4. Their reality was a different one now. Different than anyone else’s on the entire planet. It was impossible to imagine that someone, somewhere, right at this moment were tucking their children in bed, or haggling over an expensive item at a merchant stand. While the people above lived in their ever ongoing blissful ignorance of the events taking place here, he and his partner were alone. So far away from home. An unfathomable reality away. He blinked once and remembered. It was a memory of a feeling that had only taken place moments prior, but it felt like it had been forever ago. When s
  5. "I'll manage.” I did not understand at the time how passionately I would rely on that statement in the trials to come. The Allagan elevator vibrated the floor underneath their feet. The soft hum was a constant reminder of their descent if they were to ignore what the walls all around were telling them. The eyes of the taller young man was fixed upon the hand of the older woman in front of him. He felt a heaviness in his chest, attributing it to the stiff and unmoving air that was disturbed by the current of the elevator’s descent for the first time in many, many centuries. He s
  6. Having a RP calendar of sorts and discussing said RP events on said calendar perchance? At any rate, I'd love to participate, even if it's just a guest role. When I had a shit ton more free time, I actually did a podcast for an enormous RP Guild.. elsewhere. While I can't volunteer as much time as before, I do have a shiny Blue Yeti in my closet.
  7. Even though I posted in this thread, I can still say it wasn't a bad Christmas. I'm alive, I'm full. I can afford to make a good dinner on the grill. I got a bed to sleep in. I got internet. I got a full fridge. I mean, gotta count your blessings. I guess that's what makes me happier on Christmas when I look at the little things.
  8. This entire year has probably been the worst in my life. I've been just wanting this year to be over. I'm usually very festive sbout the holidays but it's been so damn hot and muggy here. We have no decor up, no tree, no gifts, no nothing for some reason or another. Probably just going to drink all day. I can make my booze last through New Year's.
  9. "Whoa Ryanti Veanysus! You need to start thinking about packing your bags if you don't change your ways soon. Santa is more likely to hunt you down than bring you a present." 100% Accurate. I'm ready for you Santa. Fite me.
  10. Maybe he should have ordered coffee. It wasn't because the grape juice wasn't nutritious. It was. It tasted very good too. He could tell the fruits were squeezed that morning. it was simply because the cup was cold instead of warm. The coldness of the glass coursed through the surface and pierced into his hand. It felt numbing and uncomfortable if he held onto it for long. He would have preferred something warm and inviting to rest his hand upon. It would have helped him think. He always needed to think. It was a weakness of his. It was always about something probably unimportant and
  11. His eyes looked heavy, as if they had sunk to the back of his skull. His skin was paler than usual; a little sickly. In the dim crimson light of a long forgotten vessel that used to claim its home in the stars, Ryanti was indeed alive. Taxed, but alive. Those tired eyes were focused on her, and while his body seemed to lack energy for the moment, there was a strength of concern in those eyes as he observed Sounsyy try to help herself up. He had one knee lowered to the ground. The curls of a weak smile emerged from a corner of his lips in response to her little joke. Was it true? Had that
  12. i have a whole bunch of insecurities that I try to hide. I'll attempt to explain some of them. 1.) I put a hell of a lot of work into Ryanti's family and history. It's enough to make my wiki a mess. That combined with my tenancy to paragraph RP often makes me feel insecure about people not wanting to put up with all that detail and going off to find a better RP partner. I feel like sometimes I've overwhelmed people. I've had RP's simply discontinue because of it. 2.) Because of Ryanti's job being the way it is, because his life is very messy and because of his upbringing, he's what W
  13. I remember there was some wrestling RP sites that used WWE games as their source for wins and losses. Back when I played those games, specifically WWE '13, we would choose a wrestler to RP (I had JBL) and we would engage in feuds based on the GM who was basically the admin of the site that paired us up in feuds. We would start threads and RP our promos out, then face each other in-game. But when we faced each other it wasn't like normal people playing the game, we actually tried to make it look like an actual wrestling match with a slow build and all. No running grapples or anything
  14. As odd as this sounds, the Coil Turn 8 tank gloves. When I first started raiding last year before Final Coil was a thing, I miraculously managed to get every single High Allagan piece except for the gloves and coat. When I started my own static and beat Turn 9, the coat dropped. So all I was missing were the Turn 8 gloves. It was important to me because getting the entire outfit was a symbol to myself that I was worth a damn. Well, by the time we cleared Turn 9 Final Coil was out. Nobody from my static wanted to help me farm Turn 8. They'd rather laugh at me trying by myself, a
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