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Common mistakes when speaking about FFXIV

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I know we've all cringed over a "rouge" or a "drani". Every game have some words or sentences that people just can't seem to get right, and of course it is the same for FFXIV.


This list is not a place to call people out or make fun of them, but simply a place for people to get wiser :)


So list the words you see misspelled, misused or in other way mistreated, and how it SHOULD be.



I'll start myself.



I've seen it spelled Mi'qote, Mikote, Mikhote, and of course Mithra. The catcirls in FFXIV are called Miqo'te.


Keepers of the Moon, Seekers of the Sun

It's understandable that these ones gets mixed up, but I quite often see people calling them "Keepers of the Sun", and that is actually not correct. It is Keepers of the Moon or Seekers of the Sun.

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Keepers of the Moon -keep- the moon and Seekers of the sun -seek- the sun... Guess we know which side is better at herding astral objects, uh? :P


But yes, when someone talks about 'rouge' I immediately engage into makeup talk. Try it!

"I'm a rouge."

"Hmm, don't think you'd look so good on my lips, sorry."


I do have trouble with Miqo'te myself, but to remember, I think about Misquote!


Also, most of what's been mentioned above confuses me, as well as Limsa Lominsa (which I just had to check. I'm never sure where's the M's and the N's.


No trouble with Thaumaturge though, because I knew that word before. As for everything.. they're all new words so I'll have trouble with them until I get used to them.

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Thaumaturge isn't an issue for me. Limsa Lominsa, however, I have never once gotten correct without checking.


And I used to give so much crap to people who claimed to be rouges.

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How is Roegadyn pronounced anyway?


I've been using Row-Ga-Din


I usually pronounce it "Rogue-a-din." It makes me laugh, I think of a Rogue that can heal himself and be all righteous. >.>


One thing I can never remember is how to spell La... Lala.. Lafalafel. Whatever.

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It reads to me as Row-ga-din.


Taking a quick look at the Japanese site to see how they pronounce it.







Hm. Shortened to Hyur in North American for some reason.






I see they translated the small ã particle into an apostrophe. Same pronunciation though.






R and L are the same in Japanese really. So this is unchanged.






R and L again. Unchanged.






This one is tricky. They changed the first syllable to a 'row' from a 'ru' sound. There's no way to read 'roe' in English as 'roo'. The last bit 'dein' might read as 'dane' to an English audience. But the small 㣠makes it more of a 'den'. This one is actually changed enough to cause confusion between players. Rugadin for the Japanese and Roegadyn for the English.


Oddly enough the Japanese site still has Roegadyn under ã«ã¬ãã£ã³.

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The names of the gods are what get me. I constantly have to look up Nymeia' date=' for example. "Roegadyn" just sounds so clunky on the tongue, I usually shorten it to Roeg (pronouncing it "rogue").[/quote']

I'm still trying to memorize the entire FFXIV pantheon too. For some reason, it's been a lot harder than it was in other games, though that may just be due to how sparse the information is about each one - I really haven't seen anything beyond the little blurbs in the character creation screens.


As for pronunciation, I tend to lean toward Japanese-esque annunciations. So "Roegadyn" struck me as Row-aa-gah-dyen.

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Although I'm pretty sure it wasn't canon, sometimes my FFXI character (Ruro-Kuro) would discuss obscure points of magical theory, in which a "thaum" was a unit of measurement of magical power. I'm pretty sure I appropriated that from Terry Pratchett's Discworld, though. :P

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