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A question in regards to Free Companies

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So! I was wondering a few things that the legacy-players might be able to answer. Do you have to complete the story missions up to level 20ish in ARR to access the ability to create a Free Company?


I ask this because some friends and I want to create our Free Company right off the bat when Beta 4 kicks off, but none of us will be able to given the level cap of 20.


I have a legacy character that's level 25, but obviously hasn't done any of the story missions that lead up to the joining of a Grand Company. Will I be able to log onto him and create a Free Company right away? How'd the Legacy players go about creating their FCs in beta 3? Did people have to grind through the story missions to join the Grand Company?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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You just need to be level 25 to get the form that you use to invite 3 others via the invite option. Turn it in and you got your Free Company. Why they made level 20 the cap, I'll never know but if Legacy characters aren't de-leveled during Phase 4, I think Legacy should still be able to. And what I mean by de-leveled, that we're all brought down to 20 for those 3 days. The NPC for it is over in the Grand Company area.

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I agree with Naunet on this one, but I highly doubt that Free Company names will be taken as they seem to be pretty unique in itself. I feel like it gives non-Legacy players another reason to complain and hate us. 


As far as the level 20 thing goes, Legacy players will retain their levels because they want them to test the PvP arena which is only 30+. I also don't think that you need to do any story missions, especially no story missions from 1.0 as a lot of those are all basically null and void, (even though I heard that they were going to allow Legacy players to view those cutscenes in their homes) to unlock Free Companies.


The thing is, as far as most quest and story missions go, Legacy players have to repeat all that content all over again because its almost literally a new game.

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