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State of the Forums/Moderation

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I want to remind everyone that this period of time for a pre-launch MMO is where tension tends to peak and drama is most probable. As a result, our laissez-faire approach to moderation has temporarily been tossed aside for the time being. Please know that such hard-lined tactics (such as locking threads frequently, censoring some posts, etc) is highly unorthodox here. But it has become necessary due to the explosion of members. Anywhere with a high population is bound to see similar problems, and we anticipate things to die down considerably within a few months after launch (and even immediately after launch). Right now, there are simply a ton of different camps who want different things. And sometimes, we can't give every camp what they want. We first and foremost must consider the RPC as a whole.


You are urged to THINK about what you're posting before you post it. As most of you are adults, I'm sure that's not too much to ask... Think to yourself, "is this post/topic bound to be inflammatory and/or add tension?" If the answer is even so much as a 'maybe,' reconsider what you're posting. Or don't do it at all. Again, this period of time pre-MMO launch is always incredibly tense and even the slightest slip of the tongue can start up World War III.


If you have a problem with a moderator's actions, take it up with me in private. Do not post public threads about it, as that only increases the friction. Though I should warn you that I will more often than not back the mods in their actions. Again, the laissez-faire approach will simply not work during this particular period of time.


Up until now, the forum's warning system has been deactivated. I have, as of today, activated it. This means that, starting now, mods will be able to give out specific warnings to users for specific posts and point out exactly what a user did "wrong." Should one's warning level hit 100% (it usually takes a number of warnings to achieve this), further action will be taken (such as a temporary muting of the user's account). So now, I highly advise people to REALLY consider what they're posting. Because we don't care if you're from Gilgamesh or Balmung or somewhere else. Everyone is equally subject to the rules of this forum and are expected to respect one another. Please note that only you can see your own warning level and other users cannot see it (aside from mods).


It is unfortunate that we have to moderate so heavily right now. But it's necessary considering some are just not capable of behaving themselves when they feel they've got the whole "anonymous online user means I can be as mean as I want" thing going on. I don't know what other community forums people come from or how they handle things there, and I really don't care since we're not those forums.


My suggestion to those with strong opinions from here until launch: Don't post at all in any thread you think has a high drama rating (server vs server threads, etc). If you absolutely HAVE to say something, show it to someone who's not bias to see if they think it has the right tone to it (because yes, there IS tone on the Internet).


Open beta is mere days away now. Early access is a week after that. And launch is right after. We're in the final stretch guys. Control yourselves. Because relying on mods to control you is just silly, especially if you're a grown adult.


This is merely a notification and not open to discussion, and is locked. Remember: We're just days away from Open Beta now! Hope to see some of you in game then!

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