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Greetings RPC!


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Hello everyone. I've been watching Nel Celestine on youtube for a while now in preparation for the launch of FFXIV and I recently reached out to them about roleplaying. Nel told me to head over to this website and meet all the wonderful people, so here I am!




--MMORPG background- I started with Ultima Online and moved to Everquest and played that for many years. I've tried over 20 different MMO's over the years but nothing has kept my attention longer than one month. Sadly I never got to try FFXI because I was so involved in Everquest.


--RP experience- Zero experience in this field. I've met quiet a few role players in Everquest and that is the main reason why I am here today. Every single roleplayer i've met has been a kind and helpful person. I reached out to Nel because I'm not a roleplayer myself but I've had incredible experiences with them in the past and would like to again in FFXIV. I'm not against roleplaying myself I've just not tried it. My main goal is to play with nice people who aren't in a rush to complete the game in the best optimal way. It seems like every game I play these days, including Everquest, is filled with these min/max gamers and it takes all the fun out of an MMO for me. I like to play with nice people and experience the game as it should be, a fun way. =)


--Character ideas/info- I was thinking of making a male and female character. One for melee and one for caster. Thats all I have so far.


--How did you learn about the coalition? Nel Celestine


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? I'm going to have to go with light =D


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) I'm 28 years old and a nurse by profession.


Thanks for reading my bio. I hope some of you will accept me and I can start making friends to play with on launch day. Currently I don't know anyone going into launch. I'm willing to play on any server as I'll be starting fresh.

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Welcome welcome :D  glad you took my advice.


Indeed welcome to the forums, should you need any help the people in this community are awesome. :)


Welcome to the RP Community! Its always nice to greet new faces to the lot of us; and you wont find a better bunch of people to boot!


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay :3


Hi there! :D welcome to the site, you'll have tons of friends in no time! don't worry :thumbsup:  :moogle:


I'm still trying to work out my character too ^^ isn't it fun? :love:


Thank you all so much! I'm really excited for the game to launch, I had a blast in beta. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting you all.

Howdy!  Did you RP in Everquest by any chance?


Hi there! No I didn't roleplay before. I did meet roleplayers on both the pvp and the roleplay server tho.

Hello Frenzic!


Another UO alumni...do the words Corp Por and Vas Flam continue to haunt your dreams from time to time :roll:?


Hope you find a good home for your future role play endeavors :thumbsup:


Yes indeed! I played UO even a year into EQ's launch. I didn't fully quit UO until EQ launched Kunark. I was on the great lakes server. Those words don't haunt my dreams tho because most the time, I was the one sitting in the brit graveyard surprising people with my spells =)

Yikes, I didnt expect it to multiquote like that LOL. It kind of threw all my responses into one giant ugly post. Haha sorry about that!


I'm looking for people to play with on launch so if anyone has room in their groups please let me know! I'm a very nice guy don't worry :love:

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Welcome. I still miss Ultima Online before Trammel days. Very united community back in those days and building something from the ground up was amazing.


UO PVE was very relaxed and fun. Kind of game anyone including my sister could get into (which was cool)


UO PVP was intense and cut-throat. My only complaint was that your internet connection had more to do with winning than your skill lol

Frenzic - Oh, right.  You were quite clear on that point.  You ought to talk to Rock Sandbourne.  He played an Erudite Paladin, and had a pretty badass RP gimmick - he leveled up by saving people from trains.  


I can't imagine the scale of challenge, there.


LOL dangerous work indeed! EQ roleplayers had a very hard time because they were few and far between. Even on the official roleplay server they had a hard time. I don't understand why people grief roleplayers so much but it happened alot in EQ and I'm sure other games as well.

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