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  1. Haven't been in Coil, yet, so I can't speak for that. Have done Titan HM, once, successfully. He is definitely a big step up from the others, in terms of awareness and footwork. You're seldom allowed to stay still for more than five or seven seconds, and failure to move immediately out of any one of the constant, screen filling attacks usually results in instant death. The bomb rock patterns that start appearing below 40% or so are particularly tricky, and the movements you have to make to stay alive remind me of Heigan the Unclean, the infamous DDR boss of Naxx from WoW.
  2. Heheh. I'm normally not a fan of IC dungeon runs, but I'll promise you a few, since you singled me out in game so cleverly. I'm interested to see how you lead this thing in practice. Consider Eros, folks. He has a good sense of style for this kind of thing.
  3. I will attend, and offer free samples of my Goldsmithing to any takers in the RPC, at any tier of material, up to and including Electrum. I will be bringing along basic materials, this time, and not completed items, so I will be working on demand. Certain items may not qualify as free samples, due to scarcity driven high cost, and people will be limited to one item per person. First come, first serve, and I'll be closing the offer after I've grown sick of handing stuff out (25 min - 50 max) freebies made and handed out. I will have my hands full getting the materials arranged to
  4. EDIT: Oh, you have one of these! @ the OP- get into Intermission, Balmung's OOC Linkshell. The OOC Linkshell hub idea has been wildly successful in uniting people over on Gilgamesh.
  5. I simply play Yeldir as if he wasn't even a part of those events. Consequently, I tend to be OOC when I'm playing through them.
  6. This is excellent news, both for us and for them. SE has found themselves with the one problem MMO developers want to have: A surplus of demand.
  7. I heard my name, on the wind. Duskwight births mostly take place "off camera", among the clans, in the caves, wherever those are. They are not an accessible part of the game at this time, but it is assumed that most Duskwights came from these undefined locations. You can really write whatever you want within that parameter. Gridania is largely the stomping grounds of the Wildwood, as many of them have settled in with the other races for a somewhat less wandering way of being, and racial enmity still exists between them, although it is not so severe that a Duskwight canno
  8. Oh, they will, but probably not for a good eight hours. Keep checking back. The slots open up in waves, as people move out of the starting zones.
  9. Event? The strategy I've outlined isn't really designed to salvage an event. It's a method of reducing and deflecting the interest of individuals who are "capable" of 3+ month campaign of coordinated disruption that has several dozen agents on at any given time. If you think that sounds absurd, you've never seen the SA goons agitated, and they will apparently be playing on both Gilgamesh and Balmung. It's hard to tell for sure, though. There appears to be some confusion on their own forums. I think they're waiting until the last moment to finalize the decision.
  10. Get up fifteen minutes before the server is schedule to go live, and hammer it with login attempts until you're in and can make a character. The early birds will get getting the worms on this one.
  11. I expect you'll get in straight away, den'. Your plan is going to work, as long as you're in the first wave of fresh character slots. Early birds, and all that.
  12. How you see it, and how a community that is looking for excuses to revile and condemn you sees it, is naturally going to have quite the disparity. Don't expect it to make sense to you. It really isn't supposed to. If we're all polite and tactful in the first place, things won't get so bad, on either Gilgamesh or Balmung. Things are looking pretty bright for both servers. A lot of the more extreme tactics I outlined don't seem necessary, even to me. I ran into virtually no opposition during any of the beta cycles. Everyone was doing what they liked, be that in character banter, or bl
  13. Hey, welcome to the club, Zaru! We're all too excited now, with early access mere hours away, to worry too much about this old argument. There are tons of people going to both servers by now for their roleplay needs, and both of them are in for a pretty good time. See you at the beach party?
  14. I know Vee doesn't have early access. She's trying to pretend she's too good to accept pre-order code hand me downs, but I wasn't too good for it when Booker "The Man" DeWitt hooked me up, so I bet she's interested deep down inside. I pointed her at the thread for ya'.
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