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Hello everyone, I'm Yuo! I've sort of been around these forums before, seeing if there were active role-players in this game! I just pre-ordered Final Fantasy 14, and I'm really excited to meet a new community, and create stories with new people. 


--MMORPG background

My MMO background isn't super extensive. The first MMO I ever played was SWTOR, which I stuck with for a while and still play off and on. Since then though I've played TERA, Guild Wars 2, and a few others. 



--RP experience

Well, I stumbled into RP purely on accident. Since then though, I've been totally hooked. I've always loved creative writing, and having to think on my toes when writing even more so. It's like a mix of both of those things, haha! I feel like I've grown a lot since I first started, but still need a lot of improvement. 



--Character ideas/info

Well, as far as this game goes... I'm really not sure! I need to read up on the lore, and really think about it. I have a sort of general idea of personality, and I know how they will look but I still need more. Any help anyone can offer is more than appreciated. I still have a lot to learn about this game!



--How did you learn about the coalition?

A google search. I wasn't sure whether there was any RP in this game, but I was interested in trying it anyway. I just decided to check, and there the site was!



--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I tend to lean somewhere between medium and heavy, but I love the idea of being in character all the time. Sometimes I do find myself just  sort of running around though, so it's a bit hard for me to focus.


:cactuar: I just wanted to put this here.

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--Character ideas/info

Well, as far as this game goes... I'm really not sure! I need to read up on the lore, and really think about it. I have a sort of general idea of personality, and I know how they will look but I still need more. Any help anyone can offer is more than appreciated. I still have a lot to learn about this game!


Lore dump to the rescue!




But there's a lot this doesn't tell you. A lot of FFXIV's story is still quite mysterious. Why did the dragons, led by Midardsormr, attack the Imperial Fleet? Why did this take place over Mor Dhona? Why was the Agrius over Mor Dhona?


That question has an answer. There's something connecting the Allagan Empire, Sharlayan, Mor Dhona, Louisoix, Bahamut, and even the Imperials.



Here's a big text dump from 1.0's MNK quest-giver. He knows a hell of a lot:


My dear, poor (playername). What you do not know about Silvertear Falls could fill a book. And has─multiple times over, I'm sure.


Since ancient times, the Falls and the region of Mor Dhona in which they are located have been believed to be the seat of a great spiritual energy, as less advanced peoples were wont to call it. So old are these beliefs that the tomb of Xandes himself, the first emperor of Allag, was built deep beneath the surface of Mor Dhona, in the hope that the mystical power which resided under the lake would raise him from the dead. Oh, there are any number of legends and myths surrounding the place. I think the oldest and most widely known would have to be that of the dragon of the Falls. I do not claim to be a folklorist, but I can certainly provide the general tale.


There was the birth of Althyk, god of time among the Twelve, and in turn, His younger sister Nymeia, goddess of fate. And then there was water, and through it the Silvertear Falls came to be at the center of all that was. Here was the source not only of water, but the fount of all magic as well. Now, when water came into being, so too did the great dragon Midgardsormr. Brother Time and Sister Fate, fearing the Falls might fall into the hands of evil, ordered Midgardsormr their protector and warden. Much later, with the arrival of man, would Midgardsormr be worshipped as the guardian deity of Silvertear Falls.


Have you been to Silvertear Falls? Or are you as untraveled as you are unread? Have you gazed upon the enormous dragon corpse, frozen as a statue with wings outspread? If you have, you have gazed upon Midgardsormr. That tragedy is but ten years old. After invading my home of Ala Mhigo, the Garleans launched a fleet of airships led by the monstrosity Agrius. They flew for Silvertear Falls, knowing it to be the greatest concentration of aether.


And then, as those horrific instruments of evil loomed overhead, casting the dark shadow of death, the surface of the lake suddenly parted and burst skyward as Midgardsormr emerged to defend his waters. The battle between Midgardsormr and Agrius has since come to be known as the Battle of Silvertear Skies. The dragon fought with divine strength and purpose, and after a fierce and grueling struggle, succeeded in bringing down the airship. As it fell into the lake, the impact caused the ceruleum onboard to detonate, and Midgardsormr was killed, his corpse charred black in the conflagration.


The structure formed by the wreckage of Agrius and the entangled remains of Midgardsormr is now called the Keeper of the Lake. For many religious and mythological enthusiasts, it stands as proof of the existence of the gods. For most people, however, it serves as a grim reminder of the horrific, dare I say deicidal, power of Garlemald. Why did that dragon appear that day? Was it truly the Midgardsormr, the legendary guardian of Silvertear Falls? Such questions and more remain unanswered. For my part, I make the entire debacle for an elaborate Garlean fabrication, acted out to near perfection.


But let us put aside dragons and empires, and speak instead of mine own latest discovery at the lake!


The aether of the area is in an extremely chaotic state. I had long thought this to be a result of the Battle of Silvertear Skies, but have learned that this is not the case! The disturbances I have observed do not all derive from a single source. Beyond the imperceptible aether emitted by the Keeper of the Lake, there are even stronger aetherial waves coming from deep below the earth to the east.


I have studied these waves in great detail, and discovered that they can be used to reconstruct an image of their source. And I believe their source is a tower! An enormous, vast, gigantic, underground tower! Do you not see? Of course you don't… It could only be the lost tomb of Xandes─the first emperor of Allag of whom I spoke mere moments ago. But wait, there it more to tell! You see, it is impossible that a normal building, however large, could release so much ethereal energy. An immense crystal on the other hand─that most certainly could. Putting these observations together, I had no choice but to conclude that the ancients' seemingly fanciful references to the tomb being wrought of crystal were not so fanciful after all!


And that is the history of Silvertear Falls─or as much as I am willing to expose that meager mind of yours to in one telling. If only there were some way to access this crystal tower beneath the surface… It would prove my theory and be the discovery of the century!


But that fellow doesn't tell the whole tale. Sharlayan and the lost empire Allag are connected. Can you figure out how, or why? I'll give you two hints!



The Thaliak Shrine in Mor Dhona



Louisoix - take a close look at his staff.


The Sharlayans are trying to prevent the return of an enemy far older than the Imperials and far more malevolent than the Primals, something that was seldom written of in 1.0, seen only once, but implicated everywhere. The Shadowless - aka, the Ascians. Now what their relationship with ancient Allag is, that remains to be told. But it's certain to be important.


Congratulations! You now know way more about the story than you're really supposed to at this point. For more mind bending lore-spoilers way before they are actually revealed, come roleplay with Yeldir, the troubled and troublesome archeologist extraordinaire.




Dalamud fell straight down into Mor Dhona for a reason, and it ain't cause that's just where the Imperials happened to be fiddling with the lunar transmitter.

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