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Oi, mates!


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Hi all, first let me say that I'm a complete newb to RP.  In fact, I've never actually done it.  What got me interested I think is a video series called "I remember" in which people talked about their experiences in ver. 1.0 leading up to ARR.


Anyway, while I've never roleplayed before I've always thought character backstory was important.  For me, my characters have always had personalities and stories of their own.  I think the reason I never made the leap into RP was because I never really saw my characters as representative of myself.  That is, I was creating their story, but never pretending I was in their shoes.


That being said, do you guys think RP is a good fit for me?  I'm definitely willing to give it a shot.  


If people are interested, I have worked out a pretty decent (I think) backstory to my character X'ala "Kid" Zeahl that I'd like to get some feedback on.  Is there a good thread for that already, or should I post it here?


I look forward to being part of this great community once ARR finally launches!

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Welcome to the site!  Now as far as RP being for you, I say that roleplaying is for anyone that has the interest to do so. Now as far as getting feedback, you might want to take a look at the thread below, its a great program with many looking to help!



*just read the story, not a bad start! It leaves a lot of room open for her to be shaped on her quest of getting revenge. Who knows what may happen in the end*



Mentor Program

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We all have to start somewhere when it comes to Role Playing. The bunch of people here in RPC are welcoming and commendation and you should not have even an inkling of issues among them. So with that said, Welcome and Enjoy the sights, sounds, and conversation (Hey there are some videos and such looming about for sound!).

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