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So originally I had settled on the name Xanthe Morganach for my Roegadyn Sea Wolf Female, but as we've slowly edged closer to launch I am starting to have second thoughts. I've done a lot of (painful) lore research into Roegadyn names (of which there are even more rules for female sea wolves) and finally came to one I think is 100% lore friendly and that I like.


So, the original name was Xanthe Morganach, could be made lore friendly as it's Highlanderish. And the new name would be Guldthota Syhrdoenwyn - Golden Daughter, daughter of Fearless Thunder.


If you're interested in the character's background, a very basic history is up on my character's wiki. I really can't decide, so please feel free to post your opinions, suggestions or even a brand new name! Thanks! (also if i've made a mistake or something in the lore isn't quite right, feel free to point that out)

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I think in the end, what is most important is you. You are the one playing this character not others. So as long as you are enjoying yourself I think that is what means the most. If this means keeping the original name or going for a new one; use what you like the most. :)

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The only mistake I can see is that her father's name would've thus been Syhrdoen, although you probably just haven't changed that part of her wiki just yet. Figured I'd point it out just in case!


I like that you've given thought to the reason for her first name in your backstory. I also feel like the last name has good flow, which is hard to do considering how long they generally have to be.

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