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Hi hi!

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aww, that's a shame. :(  But hey!  we'll put that creative energy to good use here :D


I hope so! :3 I saw your video in another person's intro, nice work! I've always wanted to do Youtube stuff but I have no idea where to begin with video editing nor do I own a mic yet. Plus I have a feeling I'd never be able to do anything with any regular frequency. >_>


Best way to start is with a mic and some passion ^^ after that, it's easy.  If you want sometime I can show you what I know.

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Nice to see someone else remembers it! I still have fond memories of my precious Red Mechguns :( It's nice to know there are older people around here, should make finding a FC easier!




Such great music in the series too, still play a few PSO songs when I log into PSO2 every now and then. Nostalgia trip when I'm playing my Ranger xD

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PSO was revolutionary. I think it had the most emotional and interesting storyline out of any title in the genre, especially when you related it all back to the Phantasy Star franchise. I'll never forget how excited I was when I first pushed my way into the ruins. I've never experienced anything quite so ominous in any MMO to date.


PSO2 is kinda' neat. I play that from time to time, but it just doesn't feel as meaningful or haunting. (And I miss the ridiculous items PSO had.)


As for older people, yeah, we're all getting kind of crusty. Welcome to the party! Did you by any chance know a KILLBOT/Tsacar, back in your PSO days?


skyly fo life

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Welcome!! I loved PSO but I probably haven't played it as much as you have.


If you're looking toward a healing/support class there's always Conj, Whm, Bard.. Pugilist > Monk even maybe? I'm not entirely sure on the Monk skills. I'll be rolling as a Conj/Whm and I've really liked playing them in the betas. To me they're the ultimate healing class/job.


Take care and hope you find everything you're looking for here! :moogle:

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