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Preparing for the Journey [Semi-Closed]


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K'ailia walked about the tribes camp. Later this day the wagon would come to take her and her mother to Gridania. She was clearly nervous. This would be the first time she'd ever left the tribe. But it made her feel better knowing that her mother would be coming with her.


She continued moving through the camp, looking at the tribal cooking area, where the cooks worked on the evening meal. Looked like the hunters had brought back a large bug corpse. She passed the stable where the chocobo's were kept.


Finally she arrived at the tent shared with her mother. She threw back the entry flap and walked in.


"Ma, I'm back.", K'ailia announced.

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In my black robes and nearly pennyless only enough to afford  a stick of bread I decided to explore around some places. I happened to wander around the area of a tribe i was not very familier with and was amazed by the scene.

There were aldult miqo'te carrying some dead insect corspe, the young ones playing about, the chocobos which i only seen few of before arriving and just the smell of the food that nearly exploded.


I continue to walk around untill i see a very perculiar female miqo'te go into a tent.

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K'luha glanced up from the robe she was sewing as her daughter entered their tent. Their things were already packed in the corner in two large backpacks, and the tent would be the last thing K'luha took down when they left. She had been working on a traveling cloak for K'ailia for the last day or so after she found some lovely plants to spin fabric out of. It was soft and warm, and yet not too hot all at once. 


"Welcome back K'ailia." K'luha smiled softly, pulling her needle through the fabric and swiftly tying off the end. "Here, try this one. I finished it." she insisted, standing up and pushed the soft white cotton robe into her daughter's hands.

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K'luha clicked her tongue. It was way too big. She'd have to take it in on the way to Gridania. They had time. She stood and carefully walked around K'ailia, making mental notes about where she needed to take it in. 


"Because, dear, it will be cold in Gridania. The weather is much different in the forest than it is in the desert." she sighed lightly and reached forward, pulling at the fabric. "Does it feel soft at least?"

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K'ailia wagged her tail under the cloak, "Yeah it is!"


She reached up and corrected her bandana that had slipped to one side while she was putting the cloak on.


"It's cold? Is it like when things are cool at night?", the girl asked, with her tail still swaying under the cloak.

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He waited a few minutes  for the female to enter the tent and deicides to walk in there to check things out. With this tail sticking out, Wooden 2H staff on his back and hood out he decides to peak in  on what to see what is occuring in there.   

When he looked in there his eyes grew just when he saw anouther female in there but tries to hide his laugh when he saw the miqo'te with a funny looking robe which did not fit her yet.

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K'luha nodded lightly. Good, she was glad that it at least was soft and comfortable. As for her question, the mother sighed softly and tilted her head. 


"Probably about that cold... but think more of all the time. It's no where near as hot during the day in the forest." she advised, tugging at K'ailia's robe again before peering around her daughter when the tent's flap opened. K'luha raised a brow at the male and scoffed. 


"Pardon me, this is a private tent." she huffed, her tail flicking back and forth irritably.

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K'ailia quickly shot her head around to look at the male. 


"Who're you?", asked K'ailia who was now working her way out of the cloak, upon seeing her mother's irritation, quickly went to a safer area of the tent by their belongings.


"You in twouble!", K'ailia said with a sly smile.

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(Slightly lies) Sorry ladies i was just passing by untill i heard the word forest from one of you. By any chance are you guys going into Gridania and if yes would you mind if i may come along? I am sick and tired of this dessert wasteland and would like to continue moving foward but sadly i have very few Gil and that only covers for a piece of bread.

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