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Lay down a beat, Wyrkolsk!


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A delicate Lalafell steps to centre stage, well dressed and in formal capacity except for her worn pointed hat, with a large stern faced Roegadyn behind her. She looks about the coalition idly gathered, and timidly dusts herself off with a tug to the hem of her jacket for posterity. She looks over her shoulder to the large robed mountain of a retainer behind her, and nods softly.


Lay down a beat, Wyrkolsk.


With a silent nod he produces a small sceptre from inside his large garments, lifting it up to his lips with a ginger clearing of his throat. In repetition his lips buzz.


Bmm bu tsss, Bmm bmm bu tsss. Bmm bu tss, Bmm bmm bu tss.



Understand that I'm back again, A little lalafell that's worth mention'an',


Don't get it twisted I'm not here for fame,

I'm just a puddle lovin' player who can't leave the game,


I think a couple of you faces know me,


And may a couple of you folks disown me,

But I'm back with measure, your little smilin' treasure, and if you're lookin' for a friend you'll never find a better,



I may be little but my heart is grand,

You take my hand,

You walk with me paths unplanned,


Pause for breath


I'll give your heart a bit of everything,

A breath to sing,

A wind witch's counselling,


And I won't take for granted,


All the things I'm handed,


Even shoot you a smile when I'm reprimanded,


I see so many are designed for war,

I kick the door,

Arms open hugs are for,


She swallows.


Break the mold boldy,

Holdin' gold standard,

The old coldness showed me,

Holding new banners,


My eyes sheen clean,

Dream is real keen,

Huggin' machine,

Queen cleanin' green,


Of jealousy,

Hell I see,

More fellas,



Quest grind design,

Gets the anger bellowing,


I'll take a moment to just try and implore you,

Please squeeze me neatly if I don't up and bore you,




I'm just looking for a couple a friends,

To tie the ends,

And see the world world through colourful lens - es,


So if you're looking for a friendly smile,


Someone to travel with you for a while,


I will drop a quest,

and express distress,

If I think there's a person out there lonely left!


So stand tall!

You see me? Just call,

I'll run on legs small, and broken I'll crawl,


The systematics of this world is whack,


Don't give a fluff about the level cap,


Just want some people who are down to earth,


To make some friends of my subscription's worth,


Tiny gasp.


These graphics,

Keep statics,


Giving new tactics,


Loving the heart,

Of role play schematics,


Know it sounds drastic,


But I can't last it,


Stuck in a world,


Lifeless as plastic,


Her body drifts forward and her pose becomes more powerful

So every body with a breath of life,


Shout to the clouds and remove your strife,


We'll rock the world like we did before,

Nah forget it man,

We'll make sure we rock it MORE!


So if you're looking to improve it quick,

Be sure to stop by and chatter with a friendly witch.


The lalafell swings her arm in front of her and holds the pose, bracelets jingling as the retainer behind her holds the sceptre straight out in front of him before dropping it to the stage without a word.

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Wearing a large black beret and tinted Lenin glasses indoors, Isobeau Mauvaix lounges in a dark corner, snapping out her applause with one hand while holding a long black cigarette holder of ecig called unitank(coffin nail smoldering at the business end) in the other... 8-)

Sounds very crazy to me but I will surely give it one try..

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