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Tonberry's Lantern is a GO!


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To increase awareness, I'm posting this in the Headlines section. The Tonberry's Lantern integration with this site has been completed successfully! You may all now start creating IC articles at your leisure that can be read by the other denizens of Eorzea.


The Lantern is based on Wordpress. But due to integration, it uses the same login credentials that you use here. So you should be able to navigate between there and here seamlessly after your first login at the Lantern. In addition, anything posted there will AUTOMATICALLY cross-post itself in the Tonberry's Lantern forum section to increase reader awareness of the new article.


You are highly encouraged to read this thread for an overview and instructions: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=3562&pid=45773#pid45773


Any questions can be asked either here or via the above linked thread.

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