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Well hello there dear sir or madame or possible other, many thanks for giving up your time to read whatever it is I write below, I havent thought this through in any way at all so i`m just going to write the first thing that pops into my head.


--MMORPG background

World of warcraft! Lots and lots and lots of world of warcraft, i`ve been an avid role player there for two years after a friend introduced me to the delights of storytelling through the medium of pixels on my beloved laptop screen. Guild Wars 2 and Star wars the old republic are my other two big favourites in MMOs, (Runescape doesnt count because I was 12 at the time)


--RP experience

Mainly in World of Warcraft, with a little bit of Star wars. I`ve been an avid roleplayer for two years as I said above, and like to think of myself as "Good" at roleplay,however everyone has their own ideas of what good roleplay actually is so i`l rephrase that into "I like to stick to canon lore and the setting as close as possible". I`ve been an officer in two WoW role play guilds, and still currently am an officer in one of them, i`ve also made events open to the entire server with great turn outs.


--Character ideas/info

Well. So far i`ve not actually been able to role play in Final Fantasy, so this will be a first for me! However, i`m fairly open minded about my characters, in my time in WoW I`ve role played everything from undead knights of unholy magics to wacky wizards to noble knights of rightiousness to honourable orcs!  What I would really like is to make a character specifically for a guild/role play concept, game mechanics mean very little to me (Though I prefer tanking) and I would love to roll any race or class or job in order to fit into a role play concept I find to my liking. Though I must admit I do like the idea of Feline fighters, the Miqo`te, and the Roegadyn. Hyur seem to "plain" to me.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

Thats an easy one, I typed in "Final Fantasy XIV A realm REborn Role play" into google and this is what came up :)


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I prefer to think of it as "Serious" rather than the terms Light, medium and heavy, if I had to choose I think Medium is the safest option, although leaning towards heavy role play. Intricate stories and fascinating character driven quests are my pet love of role play, none of that standing around a tavern waiting for stuff to happen, I want action! Excitement! Consequences of ones actions and to feel like i`m actually in a fantasy universe with magic at my fingertips and a weapon at my side, not to feel like i`m in an episode of Game of Thrones.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Well, i`m currently in my last year of 6th form before university (If I get my grades up!). I`m a fan of pop punk, rock and metal music. I love a good comedy, Live at the Apollo, Russel Howards Good News and Mrs Browns Boys are among my favourite, they are shows on in britain, I dont know if they have them elsewhere, well if you live in britain you will get them!


Actually thats got me ever so slightly concerned in regards to game time, where is the vast majority of role players from in this game? It would be slightly awkward for me to be from britain if most roleplayers players are from america or asia for example as I wouldnt be online the same time as them!


Anywho, many thanks for wasting your time reading the above, I could go on all day but I imagine you have things to do other than read my life story (which is far more boring than you`d think)


As a last request before I post this: Would anybody recommend any Linkshells/RP projects worth getting behind (Feel free to advertise your own to me! I`ll give you a cookie if you do)? When I started World of Warcraft RP I was lucky enough to be taken in my a kind guild willing to help me get to know the server. I am thinking of starting up on Balmung myself, after reading a few other topics apparently some infamous internet trolls will be starting up on Gilgamesh so thats put me off going there, though i`d still appreciate any advice of where to go to start, I saw the mentor thing on the top of the page and I think I`ll give it another look, anyway, bu-bye.


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Well hello there dear sir or madame or possible other

Covering your bases, appreciated.


Welcome and all that, hope you enjoy your time here. There is a linkshell hall listing a bunch here. As for specific ones I can't really help you since I have yet to find one myself.


Personally I'm from Norway so just an hour off of your time zone, I don't really know about everyone else.

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>Witty comment about post and relevant reply!<


In all seriousness, welcome to the community.  Only a day or so until phase 4 launches, but that's plenty of time to make friends and find your way through some interesting threads here.  Welcome welcome!

OH!  And as long as you're asking about them, here is our Linkshell/Free Company page, Driftwood Coast, along with our origin story RP thread, A Coast in the Desert.


[align=center](we love cookies)[/align]

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Thank you both for your replies and links, after a little more research on our beloved internet I found that both the two servers mentioned are north american ones! I then discovered that apparently a portion of EU players intend to roll on these servers anyway, despite the 6 hour time difference or whatever it is.


I`m curious to find out whether the time difference will be a big issue or not ...

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Greetings Threndual!


I'm sure the time difference would probably be an issue, as it is sometimes with the mere 3 hour difference between the coasts over here :roll: . Having said that, we have a few people willing to venture past the difficulties associated with the time differences to be a part of the particular Free Company I'm a member of, Unsung Heroes on Balmung.


Looks like you'd be a witty, contributing member of whatever organization you choose to join. Good luck in finding the home that is right for you :thumbsup:

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Seeing you're from the UK I'll post a absolutely not witty mention of a Linkshell on the Balmung server that may be of interest to you.




I`m shocked at myself for missing that, thank you so much ^.^ , I`ve so far not even played in any of the betas but soon as the game is released i`ll be sure to get stuck into that.


(Even if I am still reeeaaaally far behind on most hings Final Fantasy XIV :P )

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