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Hallo~~~ :)


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Hi everyone! I decided to join this forum because I'm extremely interested in RPing in XIV and the RPC seems very organized and friendly, so here's my introduction to this community.


I am 27 and have been a Roleplayer for well over 14 years. I got my start in online forums, and then gravitated towards Furcadia. It has really helped me strengthen my skills as a writer! I started playing MMOs in college, joining WoW during the latter part of BC. Once I got adjusted to it, I started RPing there and have enjoyed all aspects of MMOs since then, including Raiding (was a raid leader and guild leader in WoW), PVP and the social side of it. I actually have a few really close RL friends that I met in WoW :) 


I eventually grew tired of the Warcrafting, as many people did, and dabbled a little with SWTOR and GW2... but nothing has really caught my full attention until now. I really wasn't expecting to like XIV, having tried out XI when it first came out and hated it lol. But my boyfriend and I both got into the beta and started playing together and it has pretty much sucked me in. Most notably, my character has sucked me in and I cannot imagine playing without RPing. It's one of those wonderful and rare moments where I am motivated by my character more than by anything else.


Her in game name will be Faustina Myrron, and me, my boyfriend, my bestie and her bf will be joining Balmung tomorrow. Faustina does have a tribal name, which is C'leantha,  but she doesn't let anyone call her that besides her mother. Her sole motivation in becoming an adventurer is her absolute love of chocobos and wish to one day own a chocobo farm. To do that you need money, and she's decided the best way to earn money is to adventure. She's a closet genius (arcanist) so she's got a few tricks up her sleeve, and her father is enlisting a friend of his to watch over her (my boyfriend's character). I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with her :o


A short bit about me IRL, I work for a web design company, and I have a lot of hobbies including art (painting, drawing, digital art), sewing, being active and fit, and going to various concerts and events. I also am into BJD, or ball jointed dolls :) I have two right now, a 1/3 and a 1/6 scale one.


Looking forward to getting to know lots of you here! :)

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Hello Faustina :D !


Looks like you already have a good amount of depth in your character's concept, can't wait to hopefully see it in action :) . Oh, and your writing too...don't be shy, we love to read here, and are very supportive.


Any time you want to share some images of your BJD, I'm wondering what exactly that type of doll looks like.


Welcome to the RPC, and I hope to meet you in game :thumbsup:!

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Hello Aether! Oh really, which one? And thank you for the warm welcome!


Hi Koyu and thanks! Oh man I know, I was browsing the draw your character thread on the beta forums and got really inspired! When I get something permanent done I'll be sure to show you guys here. :) I'm sure you have plenty of talents too ^__^


Hiya Teardrop! Yeah I hope to be able to interact ICly with you guys online in the future. Sure, I can share her intro post on here later :D I will try to get some photos up of them... my 1/6 is good but my 1/3 is still in process of me painting her face haha. Once that's done and I make her some clothes I can get you a photo... they are similar to the doll in your avatar photo.


Thank you  Nel! I look forward to that too :D And you as well, S'demyx. Squee~

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