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Hello everyone!


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--MMORPG background

Avid WoW player for quite some time. Dabbled in others such as Aion, GW2, etc.


--RP experience

Fairly light. I've played DnD for a few years now, but have never RPed online before!


--Character ideas/info

Character's name is Ru'Aiken Nunh. He has a passion for summoning magic and loves to learn!


--How did you learn about the coalition?

My brother sent me here, and you all seem like a friendly bunch!


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I've done everything from light to heavy, but I'd settle somewhere in the medium to heavy category.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I frequently create fantasy worlds as a hobby. I love constructing countries and landscapes and filling them with characters! 



Looking forward to meeting you all!

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