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Question on returning characters

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Hello!  The beta forums seem to be down for me, and no where else (whether it be another forum or politely asking in game chat) seems to have an answer for my question.



I have a friend who claims that old characters get a different starting scene that I've been unable to unlock with my three characters from 1.0.  With each of them I've been given the new player cutscenes.  Back in the last phase of beta I read that this was an accepted bug by Square and that it would be fixed.  This friend claims to have been put in a forest when starting the game, and I'm starting to wonder if he's just trolling me a bit.  :lol:



Do we still get a unique opening cutscene, or do we have to proceed in the storyline a bit before we see something like it?  The information I've read on it (before the site was hit with the expected traffic) has been rather slim, even from people on the beta forums who claimed to get it.



Thank you for any information.



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I didn't get one either, but I have heard of several people (in the last phase) who did. I'm not 100% sure if maybe there was a specific prerequisite (such as getting to a certain point in the storyline or something) or not, though.


I'd say your best bet would be to wait until we can get on the beta forums and ask there. D: I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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I actually did complete the whole story.  Though I didn't finish the Grand Company quests as I was just focusing on maxing out all my crafting.


If that's true, then that's kind've odd.  My character was there when the server called for people to come to the area and witness the final battle.




Edit: It would still be somewhat strange if this was the case as people should remember your character if they weren't enveloped into that light and sent to the forest. Hmm...

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I saw the Legacy tattoo that i noticed folks here mention at one point, but yea no special intro.

I'd have loved to see it but i too barely scratched the original story in 1.0 so its alright.


I hadnt realized until I was following the story in ARR this weekend that not only were many of the adventurers gone for 5yrs with hazed memories but most everyone else who survived like ol Baderon.


Huzzah, lol why give the main character amnesia when ya can give the WHOLE world amnesia ^_^ lol


Ill enjoy a fresh story this time around.

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